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September 19, 2007, 8:45 pm
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I was thinking about people who insult the South.  Some folks seem to think we Southerners are backwards, uncultured hicks.  Some folks are convinced we are all racist rednecks.  We are often ridiculed for the way we talk.  Our educational and economic systems are frequently ranked toward or at the bottom of many lofty lists.  I’ve heard people insult the way we dress, our personal hygiene, what we eat, our religious ideals and many, many other aspects of Southern life.  My thoughts about these narrowminded, judgmental people are not necessarily very nice so I won’t go into detail.  I don’t like sweeping generalizations especially when they include me and the people that I love.  I know that I’m just as guilty of making generalizations as the next person, but I try real hard not to fall in that trap.  I know how it feels to be on the receiving end.  It doesn’t feel real good. 

So, moving right along…….it occurred to me as I was thinking about these bashers of Southern life and Southern folks, that I’ve never lived above the Mason-Dixon Line.  Not even when I lived out West in Colorado.  The longest amount of consecutive time I’ve been up North was the month I spent in upstate New York.  I’ve traveled all over New England and I absolutely loved that part of the country even though I did have a young lady in New York ask me what state Arkansas was in. 


When I’m  feeling all insulted and bent out of shape,  I often use music to soothe my Southern soul.  Dwight wrote “South of Cincinnati” which is the perfect song for my current mood.  

If you ever get south of Cincinnati down where the dogwood trees grow….  If you ever get south of the Mason Dixon to the home you left so long ago….  If you ever get south of the Ohio River down where Dixieland begins….  If you ever get south of Cincinnati I’ll be yours again….”

Ahhhh……..music does indeed smooth away all the rough edges.  Listening to Dwight made me think of all the wonderful things I love about the South.   I realize some folks just don’t get it.  And that’s perfectly all right.  

As I was searching through my files for a picture of Dwight,  I came across this shot. 


Now I’m feeling very relaxed.   I can’t even remember what I was so upset about.  Amazing what a little music and visual therapy can do for a Girl Raised In The South.  😉


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Yeah I can see how a search for Dwight Yoakam or country music would return a picture of Matt!

I live further south of the Mason-Dixon Line than you do.

Comment by Willowtree

my last pirate post of the day.
whew… now thats a load of treasure. shiver me timbers.

Comment by Dirty Bess Vane

Dwight Yocham doesn’t do much for me. (Why do all those country singers have to wear hats that don’t show their eyes?) But, that second picture, now. That does a lot for this old girl. Every time I see a picture of Matthew Mc I remember that there may be snow on the rooftop, but there’s still a fire in the furnace. Woo-hoo.

Comment by Betty

My husband’s mother was born and raised on a farm in Louisiana in a town call Iowa. She was educated, smart, and certainly had culture. However, she certainly was very different than most of the people I grew up around (hippies) and I found it both intriguing and alien to what I know. I think what you’re talking about is the age old cultural divide. It doesn’t just happen here in America, it happens in Britain too, the south versus the north. East versus the west.

I think it’s worth trying to come to an understanding and an appreciation for each other. But I do also think it will take a lot of time to overcome such old prejudices.

My son has his father’s southern heritage and it makes me feel like it’s time to start learning more about the south, and teaching him to appreciate it too.

I do also want to say that the prejudice is on both sides. Maybe not yours or mine, but there are plenty of southern people who have a lot of derision for northerners and aren’t afraid to say so.

I grew up being made fun of by my Wisconsin relatives, and I have to say I found it annoying. I try not to do the same.

Comment by Angelina

There is a cross stitching chart I want that says G.R.I.T.S. We rock! 🙂

I understand what you are saying. Robocop is from upstate N.Y. He likes to “generalize” the south even though he now lives here now. New England has some beautiful scenery and great place to visit. I am proud of being born, raised, and living in the south. Them “Yankees” just don’t get it and I think they are just jealous. 😀

Comment by Debbie

Forgot to say….

GREAT PICS!! God Bless the South! 😀

Comment by Debbie

I “lived” in southern Alabama for almost 5 months once – and met a variety of types – a few who totally lived up to that backward Southern stereotype to some absolutely wonderful people. I can say things move at a slower pace in the South (at least in S.Alabama) but there is a lot of beauty there too – and there’s nothing like Southern Hospitality!! I never felt more welcome at times.

Comment by Red Mary Flint

shoot – I forgot to change my name. Sorry – no pirate talk today.

Comment by Karmyn R

Hey – where did my other post disappear to? hmmmm –

okay, I had this long cool response about how I lived in Southern Alabama for 5 months and met all different types of people. and now it is gone.

Comment by Karmyn R

You have an award at my blog. 🙂

Comment by Debbie

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