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I See Old Stuff
September 16, 2007, 9:47 pm
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When you enter my home, you will see old stuff.  In fact, you’ll see old stuff before you walk in the front door. My screened porch is loaded with various antiques and collectibles I’ve accumulated over the years.  I’m crazy about old stuff.  It might look like an old, beat up tin bucket with a hole rusted in the bottom to you, but to me, it is the perfect container to hold an arrangement of dried flowers and herbs.


My grandmothers made the three pieced quilts in this picture.   The quilts were completely made by hand.  The printed fabrics in the red and white quilt are all scraps from  childhood dresses my Granny W. made for me.  The quilt is a history of my childhood.  Granny W. made the orange and green quilt for my high school graduation and Granny T. made the yellow and green quilt for the same occasion.  These quilts are truly works of art lovingly pieced and quilted with nimble fingers and hearts full of love. 


I purchased this handmade china cabinet at an antique shop in Maryland.   It holds my Granny W.’s  “company” dishes and other assorted  antique glassware.  As a small boy, my dad purchased the cookie jar on the top of the cabinet for his mother as a Mother’s Day gift.  The little rocking chair is handmade and was given to me for my second birthday by an elderly lady who was a friend of my parents.  The chair was originally made for that lady’s second birthday.  It is over a hundred years old. 

I don’t have a picture of another favorite piece of art in my home which I use as my dining table.  The table is also over a hundred years old.  I was fortunate enough to purchase it at an auction for $47.00.  It is made of handhewn black walnut planks.  The nephew of the elderly woman whose estate was being auctioned told me that the table was made by his aunt’s father (his grandfather) from a black walnut tree that grew on the old family homestead. 

Visit Sayre  to view and read about more favorite pieces of art.


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I think you should make a practice run (in case of fire) and see if you can carry that handmade china cabinet out the door


your home is built on memories…

Comment by Pamela

I love those quilts. I think you might have shown them to us before once.

Comment by Karmyn R

I love those quilts.

Comment by beccy

Oh wow….glad I came back. There was no “Fun Monday” and I saw these antique pieces previously…I just didn’t know that this was the answer to Sayre’s Challenge for the week.

I love the antique hutch…and the art pieces inside! They’re truly a treasure.

Comment by Hootin' Anni

I love Quilts and knowing somewhat the time and love that is put into making them, they are art!! 🙂

Love the post!!

Comment by Debbie

I LOVE quilts. I have some nice ones made by my and hubs grandmothers we NEVER use.

I do have my favorite one that I can hardly sleep at all if I do NOT have it. Im spoiled.

Old things are nice, especially when they have a good story behind them.

Comment by barngoddess

The quilts would be my first pick – the red and white one, especially! Like Pamela, I wanna see you heft that piece of furniture!

Comment by Tiggerlane

I love your antiques. Beautiful quilts. I haven’t bought any, as I know when my parents decide to downsize, I’m going to be getting a LOT of Mom’s.

Comment by Anglophile Football Fanatic

I love old stuff with a history behind them. I’d take something old and loved any day over a brand new item with no soul.

Comment by Susan

Odd question, but does that orange and green quilt have sushi patterned fabric in it? It looks like some fabric I’m using on a quilt.

Comment by Dallas

That is a wonderful title, and a wonderful collection. I have a patchwork quilt my Baba made me when I was a baby. She carted the wool herself. I also have a feather pillow she gave me for my 8th birthday, she plucked the feathers herself. My dad used to make milking stools. I have one from when I was a kid. It is falling a part, but I hope to repair it to some reasonable resemblance some day. I have a stuffed monkey that I was given when I was 2 and was afraid of, and my kids were afraid of. It is wonderful to go to other blogs, and think of all the things we couldn’t think of or the memories of items we have. Thanks for your list.

Comment by Dawn

I love that you have so many meaningful items in your home. It is great to see things lovingly passed down through the generations!

Comment by Devon

LOL. . . 🙂 – I’m with Pamela on the practice fire drill! ! !

Absolutely beautiful things!

Comment by Shauna

I love the quilts also, but that cookie jar really catches my eye! Old stuff is good, but old stuff with stories are the best.

Comment by gawilli

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