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September 12, 2007, 9:04 pm
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I had two ceramic-based table lamps in my living room. I bought one of them in a secondhand furniture store in Virginia Beach, Virginia, over twenty years ago. Last winter that lamp began blinking on and off on occasion. I would be curled up on the sofa reading a book and the lamp would go off. Two or three minutes later it would come back on. It eventually got to the point where I might come home from school and find the table lamp burning brightly. I know that I am as forgetful as the next person, maybe even more forgetful than some, but I also knew I wasn’t turning that lamp on in the morning before I left the house.   I decided that it was probably time to purchase a new lamp.  I was tired of my mis-matched set of lamps anyway and since the oldest one seemed to have developed a short in the wiring, it was the perfect excuse to splurge on two matched lamps that I had been salivating over for several months.  These lamps were just perfect for the western decorating theme of my living room.  The bases were made of hammered copper and the shades were a nice, neutral beige.  I couldn’t wait to get them home and plug them in.

So I bought the new lamps and brought them home.  One went on my entertainment center and the other on the end table next to my sofa.  I removed the plastic wrap from the shades, put a 3-way bulb in each lamp and stood back to admire how well my new lamps looked in my living room. 

The sun sank slowly in the west and darkness fell.  Ahhhhh, it was time to curl up in my favorite reading spot on the sofa and bask in the soft glow supplied by the new lamp.  I settled in, got all comfy and reached up to turn on the lamp and…….what the hey?!!!  I couldn’t reach the lamp switch.  I couldn’t believe it.  The shades were too long for the lamp base so in order to reach the switch I had to either stand up or tip the lamp over at an angle to actually turn it on. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never spent much time thinking about the size of lamp shades.  If I had to buy a new shade, I just measured what was on the lamp and replaced it with a shade of the same size.  I naively thought that shades which were a part of the total lamp package would actually be the correct size for the lamp.  Well, now I know better.  I should have returned the lamps, but I really liked those hammered copper bases so I decided just to replace the too big shades. 


Three months later, I am still searching for lamp shades to fit my new lamps.  Granted, I live in a small town so the lamp shade selection pool is limited.  I’m not comfortable with ordering shades because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of shipping them back in the event I don’t like them.  I’ve made a couple of trips to larger cities where I visited several stores that sold lamp shades, but I haven’t found a thing that I liked or that really fit my lamps and living room decor.  I can say this……lamp shades with beads sure are popular.  Ruffled shades also seem to be a hot item.  Nothing wrong with beads or ruffles,  they just aren’t what I want on my lamp shades. 

In the meantime, I’ve become an expert at lamp tipping.


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Lamp tipping is akin to cow-tipping, I believe. It’s all good here in the country.

BTW, having been in my business for 15 years, you would THINK I could build a house myself…UNREAL after meeting with plumber, electrician and cabinet maker how much I still have to learn!

Comment by Tiggerlane

What…you don’t think hammered copper and ruffles go together? 🙂

I’m just realzing that we don’t have any regular lamps. Just overheads…how odd. Good luck with finding the right shade.

Comment by Susan

I hope you find the right shade. I get very picky when it comes to a lamp I stitch by. I am not a fan of ruffles myself.

Comment by Debbie

Good luck with your search.

Comment by beccy

I once had a lamp on my bedside table that would suddenly come on in the middle of the night. Made me sit straight up in bed every time.

Comment by Betty

I am the worst at picking shades – the stores never seem to have what I want.

Comment by Karmyn R

I was sure the lamp was going to start clicking on and off… that it was the wall plug in and not the lamp.

I think you have to find a big lighting store in a big city in order to find any decent lamp shades

Comment by Pamela

[…] info By arkansassongbird Categories: Jasper and Odds and Ends Remember my search for the perfect lamp shades? No? A quick recap. I had to purchase new table lamps. I splurged on two lamps with hammered copper […]

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