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Why Mine Is Better
September 2, 2007, 6:30 pm
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On a recent post about my Granny W.’s delicious cooking,  Karmyn left this comment: “My daughter informed me tonight that ‘Daddy and Grandma make better rice than you.'”  This comment reminded me of my nieces who practically from the time they’ve been able to put together a coherent sentence have said my macaroni and cheese is superior to either their Mom’s or their Grandma’s macaroni and cheese.  My nieces absolutely love my mac ‘n cheese.  They request it for every meal they eat at my house. 

I’m not sure why my nieces love my macaroni and cheese so much.  I can guarantee you that my mom, my sister and I all begin cooking our mac ‘n cheese in the same manner.  We open a box.


My mom used to be very active in Girl Scouts.   At one point, she held an administrative position with the area council.   My sister was in junior high school at the time.  I was living and working in Virginia.  My  brother was in college.  So when my mom went on a Girl Scout leadership junket to Portland, Oregon, my sister and Dad were left to their own devices in Arkansas.  One night my sister decided to make macaroni and cheese for supper.  She read the directions carefully, opened the box and began to put together the meal.  She only made one minor error.  She forgot to drain the pasta before adding the milk, butter and cheese packet.  Needless to say, she ended up with a watery macaroni and cheese soup-type dish.  My sister was embarrassed with her cooking results, but Dad ate a large helping and even asked for seconds.  

I know my sister’s macaroni and cheese has improved.  As an adult and mother, she can put together a macaroni and cheese dinner with ease.  So can our mom.  So what is it that makes my nieces think my mac ‘n cheese tastes better? 


The only difference in my macaroni and cheese that I am aware of is that I use skim milk.  Because skim milk is not as rich and tasty as regular milk, I add extra butter.  I do not use any type of extra seasonings, not even salt.  These differences might be the entire reason my nieces think my mac ‘n cheese is better.  On the other hand, it might just be because I am their aunt.  They don’t get to eat at my house as much as they do at home or at Grandma’s house.  

Another factor might also enter into play.  When I cook for my nieces, I usually set the table with care using linen placemats and napkins, a full complement of utensils whether we need them or not, and I serve their milk or juice in wine goblets.  I have candles burning brightly in the center of the table and sometimes a bouquet of fresh flowers add to the dining atmosphere.  My nieces think all these acoutrements are quite fancy.  They absolutely love drinking from the wine goblets.  For my part, I have all this ‘stuff’ so I might as well use it, especially if, as I suspect, it makes my macaroni and cheese taste the best.


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food is always better at someone else’s house, especially if it is served ‘fancy’!

I usually serve up Kraft too, always a hit with kids.

Comment by barngoddess

I think that you might be right the wine glasses and fancy settings seem to improve the taste of the food. It is lunchtime, and now I am hungry for mac’ and cheese.

Comment by mjd

I forgot to mention that I like your new look.

Comment by mjd

Hey – it’s all about the “Presentation” – so or course your mac&cheese tastes better. It shows that you took that extra step to show you care about them. That always is a pleaser!!!

Comment by Karmyn R

The setting does make the meal special.

My 14 year old loves his Grannies tomatoes served in various different ways but won’t touch them at home.

Comment by beccy

I used to tell my mother that our neighbor’s milk tasted better than ours. They bought their mild from the same dairy – it was whole milk – so there couldn’t have been any difference. But, there you are. Maybe it was because my neighbor didn’t keep telling me to drink my milk. She just assumed I would, and I did. That might have made it taste better!

Comment by Betty

it definitely is the atmosphere you create.

Comment by Pamela

It’s all about the presentation!

Love the new blog look! I’ve been working on a potentially new masthead, but I’m too much of an idiot to make it work correctly. Should just have the kiddo do it!

Comment by Tiggerlane

I love the look! 🙂 This is so cool you serve it up fancy. I have wine goblets that my kids love to drink cold tea from. *LOL*

Comment by Debbie

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