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August 26, 2007, 10:47 am
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Lisa has us answering the question, “Why do you blog?” for this Fun Monday assignment.  You can visit her site for a list of all the participants. 

I had a web site in the late 90’s before blogging became a pop culture phenomenon.  I used my site to display pictures of the beauty that surrounds me out here in the woods and to share poems, quotes and scripture.  I liked creating my personal web site so much that I agreed to develop a web site for the school district where I taught at the time.   That was a lot of work and a lot of fun.  Blogging doesn’t allow one to be quite as creative as does creating one’s own web site from scratch, but it is much easier.   Easier is what I am about at this point in my life! I think I like creating web sites and blogging so much because it takes me back to my days on the high school yearbook staff.  Blogging is like publishing a magazine or yearbook without all the expenses.  Plus, unlike the high school yearbook,  if I want I can put something about me on every page! 

I blog so I can show you views like this:


The road to a friend’s house is never long.

And, I blog so I can say things like this to my friends who read what I write:

Happy Birthday, Melanie!!!!

We traveled down this old road in pony tails and French braids, through hundreds of piano lessons, countless hours of practice, recitals and Guild; on the school bus and in our own beat up cars.  We played and sang in so many talent shows and for so many banquets that I lost count.  You were my hero and I looked up to you more than you’ll ever know.  We laughed and we cried.  We grew up and went our separate ways.

Now we work together teaching music.  You’re still playing the piano and I’m still singing.  Isn’t that grand?!!  You know DeeDee is so proud.  And you still are my hero!

We’ve come full circle.  I live on that old road that you grew up on.  It is still the road to a friend’s house.  It is never too long to travel.  

I love you and I’ll join you Over the Hill next year!!! 



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Having never had a webpage I can’t say which I think is better but I love my blog and spend far too much time blogging!

Comment by Jamie Oliver

Ooops that Jamie Oliver comment was me…a joke with another blogger!

Comment by beccy

I love your picture and sentiment with the picture. Beautiful songbird…just beautiful.

Comment by mjd

I know a Jamie Oliver, who is now a James instead of Jamie.

Comment by mjd

The best of reasons! I guess this is a lot like journalism, only the end product comes along much quicker! And I love when you fill the pages with you!

Comment by gawilli

it took me all my time just to do a basic template up never mind a web page
great photos i love looking at the photos that people post

Comment by her indoors

Wow you’re a real old timer! That picture alone is reason enough to blog.

Comment by Willowtree

I love your reasoning behind your blogging expertise! Great entry. And beautiful photos too!! Happy Fun Monday

Comment by Hootin' Anni

I had a web page before blogging. Mine sucked and I was not good with the HTML codes. Blogging is for me….EASY. *lol*

Comment by Debbie

What better reasons to blog? Love it!

Comment by Lisa's Chaos

keep sharing – we all LOVE it. . .

Comment by Shauna

hee hee – I agree with WT – that picture alone is WORTH a whole blog post.

Comment by Karmyn R

You are the second person I am visiting again where my last comment is not there. I would love to have the talent to create my own web page. I want a different header but I have to wait until my daughter (Sam) can do it for me!!

Comment by chrisb

I used to create websites for one reason, or another. I agree, blogging is easier.

Comment by Robocop

the hubby has a web page.. so I know the work he puts into it.
we share ideas, but the approach is so different.

Glad you decided to blog so we could shout encouragement.

Comment by pamela

I’m glad you are back up and running – I was worried about you!

Beautiful photo – guess I need to get my picture taken there!

Comment by Tiggerlane

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