A Day In The Life

August 21, 2007, 12:52 pm
Filed under: Odds and Ends

I had no Internet at home last night or this morning.  I couldn’t comment on any of the Fun Monday posts or check my email.  I can post from school, but I can’t comment on any blogs that aren’t with WordPress so…….. I’m not being a snob, honest!!  Hopefully, whatever is wrong will have righted itself by the time I get home this evening.  Until then….have a great day!


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Hope all in the computer world is back to normal for you soon!!

Comment by Jenster

Boy that is tough. Having survived a few stints without power this summer, I can sure sympathize. Hope all is well soon!

Comment by gawilli

grrrr. I do not like it when the internet goes down either.

Comment by barngoddess

I can’t comment from work either.
next week I may be out of computer range. depends if we find Wi-Fi for our lap top.

Yesterday I couldn’t get on any blogger sites.
two days proir to that no type pad sites.

must be updating – and I hit it at the wrong time.

Comment by Pamela

I can’t imagine not having ‘net access OR having dial-up, OR being blocked from sites at my workplace. I have to do too much on the ‘net for those kinds of issues.

Hang in there!

Comment by Tiggerlane

I feel your pain! Hopefully they will get you back on track by the time you get home this evening. . . 🙂

Comment by Shauna

I hope things return to normal for you soon.

Comment by Debbie

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