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To Tell the Truth
August 19, 2007, 7:15 pm
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I am not a good liar.  My face is too expressive, especially my eyes.  My mouth can be spewing forth falsehoods, but my eyes are generally telling the truth which makes for some very awkward situations.  Lies are so complicated.  You have to remember who you told the lie to, why you told it, when you told it and what the lie entailed.  I’m just not any good at keeping up with that much information.  Reality is hard enough for me to remember, much less a multitude of fabrications.  I generally blurt out the truth or my honest opinion which, ironically enough, has gotten me in far more trouble than some of the lies I’ve told.  And, finally, I think lying is wrong.  So, if and when I do tell a whopper, I have to deal with Guilt.  And Guilt really makes me miserable. 

The first really big lie I can remember telling was to my parents when I was thirteen years old.  I was a participant in a singing group and I had a major crush on a fellow thirteen year old male member of the group.  The group was traveling to a nearby town to perform and my parents let me ride with my “boyfriend”, D, in a car driven by his older brother.  The brother’s girlfriend was also along for the ride.  After we sang, I begged my parents to let me ride back to our hometown with D and his brother.  My parents said I could.  Little did I realize that D’s brother had planned to head on up the highway to a liquor store in another county to purchase some beer.  The plan was to explain the extra time it took us to get home by saying that the older brother’s girlfriend had forgotten her purse and we had to go back and get it.  When we finally returned to the church parking lot where I was supposed to meet up with my parents, we were 45-minutes over due.  My parents were worried and upset.  I told them the lie and D, his  brother and the girlfriend all joined in with the story and my parents believed us.  I can’t remember how long it was before I confessed the truth to Mom and Dad, but I do know that I eventually told them what really happened. 

In more recent years, I told a lie to a group of students who sang in a competition.  It was a terrible performance in which just about anything that could go wrong did indeed go wrong.  I felt that as their director the responsibility for the poor performance was mine.  I didn’t want my kids to be unnecessarily hurt or upset.  My group knew they didn’t do well and they didn’t need to hear about it from some strangers.  So, after quickly reading through the judges comments, I tore the pages up and threw them away.  When I got on the bus where my students were waiting to hear the results, I told them that the comments sheets had been misplaced and would be mailed to me if they were ever located.  Over the next few weeks, my students occasionally asked about the comments sheets and I kept telling them that the pages had never been found.  They eventually stopped asking about them.  We continued working together and were much better prepared for the next competition we entered where we did very well. 

Head on over to Uncaring Bear for more deceitful stories.  Perhaps you’ll find something a bit more exciting than what I had to offer! 


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Reading these stories reminds me of some complicated lies contrived in my youth to cover up a variety of misdeeds. You are right lies can be very complicated.

Comment by mjd

Yes lies most definitely can be complicated. As an adult I tend not to tell them very often, sticking most often to white lies to protect feelings. I think most kids tell one or two whoppers.

Comment by Emma

I just don’t see the harm in the last example. It’s a little white lie that didn’t hurt anyone – but in fact made a whole lot of people NOT feel bad!
Exactly what we meant for the topic 🙂

Comment by theotherbear

The second lie was so justified so I hope you didn’t feel guilty about it!

Comment by beccy

Sometimes, white lies are good for the souls!!

My “little white lie” story is posted. Warning: Drop by if you can

Comment by Hootin' Anni

hmm me thinks we be twins somehow. stop by and see my biggest lie.

Comment by jill

Wow…you are a very caring teacher to tell that white lie! Now I’ll know, if for some reason Amber’s “judge’s comments” get lost – exactly how horribly she performed!

Comment by Tiggerlane

see… my little white lie was about a fellow, too. And, like you, I was convicted about it through the years. silly little girl.

Comment by Pamela

The second lie was one that you told out of love for your students, so it doesn’t count as a lie. Or at least I guess that what “little white lies” are all about, right?

The first lie brought back many memories of lies told to my WAY too strict parents when I was a teenager. Sigh…the things they don’t know! haha…

Comment by Karina

I feel guilty about any lies I may have told, but not enough to still fret about it from when I was 13! Shaun on the other hand…. LOL

Comment by Susan

Your last lie sure saved a lot of hurt feelings. I think more teachers/instructors/people who teach anything should be like you!

Comment by Joy T.

Your last lie was definitely warranted…I too think teachers/instructors should be like that when appropriate.

Comment by Amy W

That last lie was one of those that saved more than it hurt.

The first lie — I can imagine that all 4 of you in that car were sweating over the truth!!!

Comment by Karmyn R

that last lie was a good lie……

I am not a good liar either.

Comment by barngoddess

thanks for sharing your stories. i really agree that being honest is the best thing to do! 🙂

Comment by alisonwonderland

I think that was a very nice lie to tell those kids!!! I went to competitions like that… I remember those sheets….I I remember telling lies like the one you told your parents, I was always good at coming up with believable lies like that! I feel icky for sounding proud…

Comment by Kaytabug

For what it’s worth I think you did the right thing on behalf of your students. I also think you were brave to fes up to your parents. I would never have dared to do that, my dad would have grounded me for ever!!

Comment by chrisb

It was great the way you spared the kids feeling so bad. That little white lie was harmless. 🙂 It shows you care greatly and I wish more were like you!!

Comment by Debbie

I’m glad I’m not the only one to feel guilty if I tell a lie. In the case of sparing feelings, I think I would have done as you. Good luck with the new school year.

Comment by Sheila

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