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Once Again…..With Feeling
August 17, 2007, 9:43 pm
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I posted this picture last year after the first week of school and here it is again.   I simply haven’t found a better visual aid to describe how I feel after that first week back in the school routine.  There are four schools in our district and I teach in three of them.  Most teachers have the luxury of getting one room prepared; I have three.  Most teachers have a limit on the number of students enrolled in a single class, but because I teach choir, I have no legal limit on my student numbers.  I’m not complaining.  Seriously, I’m not.  Just wanted to make it clear why my butt is dragging!!  And I think it’s funny that our legislators are so concerned with how many students a regular class room teacher can handle in a single class period, yet choir teachers are expected to play the piano, direct the choir, maintain discipline, handle all the same paperwork and TEACH with double or triple the amount of students found in a “regular” class room.   I am powerful.  I am strong.  I am super human.  And my  butt is dragging!!  I love what I do though.  Making music all day long is definitely my kind of gig.  I’m ready to get those voices tuned up and singing beautifully!!

P.S.   My students are really great kids.  No doubt about it, I have the best kids in the district.  One thing I really love about them is if we do get a trouble-maker or some student who expects an A in choir for keeping a seat warm, often times my students take care of the problem before I really have to do anything at all.  Peer pressure generally reaps positive benefits in my performing groups and that is a blessing.  I have 60 kids signed up for high school choir which is about 10 more than normal and I have 68 signed up for middle school choir.  Those numbers will change a little bit during the drop/add week, but I generally don’t lose too many students.  My elementary music classes have any where from 19-25 students per class and I teach five elementary classes per day in addition to the high school and middle school choirs.  Needless to say, it takes a lot of energy to work with that many students every day which is why I am usually exhausted at the end of a week. 

On another note……I saw a bumper sticker today on the back of an old, beat up truck that said “No one died when Clinton lied”. 


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Well – hopefully those Choir students are a little bit more behaved than the norm. (at least the older ones anyway!)

You have my FULL Respect.

Comment by Karmyn R

Open the car windows and sing “I Am Woman” as you drive from school to school. That might help. On the other hand, maybe not.

Comment by Betty

I w/ karmyn, I hope the choir kids are better behaved. Geesh.

Comment by barngoddess

wow! you ARE one busy teacher! glad your kids are good ones. My mother taught English Lit, she loved,loved teaching…

Comment by barngoddess

You are a busy woman. R-E-S-P-E C T!! I giggled at the bumper sticker.

Comment by Debbie

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