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Church Ladies
August 8, 2007, 9:27 am
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I believe that church ladies are one of the most powerful forces in small town Southern society.  To this day, if you want something done, nine times out of ten, you talk to a church lady.  It isn’t that the men are ineffective.  After all, men generally hold most of the titles in a church.  You have the reverend, the deacons, the trustees, the Sunday School superintendent, the music director.  The titles vary from denomination to denomination, but most of the positions are held by men.  However, the actions of these men in powerful positions are generally guided and directed by the gentle hints and subtle suggestions of the true power in the church:  the church ladies.

Church ladies are master organizers.  Only two or three of the ladies may have a discussion about a need that arises, but soon the phone lines are tied up all over town as the church lady organizational network moves into high gear.  Meals are planned for elderly folks who can’t get out much and need a good homecooked meal delivered to their doors.  Potluck dinners are organized for bereaved families.  Donations are solicited for families who are experiencing financial difficulties.  Husbands are gently led to meet and make needed repairs of the church facilities.  The list goes on and on.  The church lady organizational network is a powerful entity. 

Church ladies are missionaries.  They visit the sick and they read to those whose eyesight is failing.  They crotchet shawls, piece quilts and put together personal hygiene kits and back-to-school kits that are distributed all over the globe.  They teach Sunday School classes.  They hold fund raisers for charitiable organizations.  They help build houses and when someone’s house burns, the church ladies can put together complete wardrobes in a matter of hours for each family member affected by the fire.  Give them a couple of days and the church ladies will just about have a new house furnished for the unfortunate family.  Church ladies live to serve.

Church ladies are therapists.  They can spot a troubled marriage a mile away.  They enlist their husbands to “speak to” the male spouse while one or more of the ladies hear the female spouse’s point of view.  Many a marriage is saved simply because the church ladies showed an embittered couple that a community of believers cared.  And don’t scoff.  Sometimes it really is that simple.  Church ladies help discipline and support the parents of wild and out-of-control children whether the children are two or thirty-two.  They work with the addicted and open the church doors to support group meetings.  Church ladies listen.

Some folks say that church ladies are just gossipy,  busy bodies who stick their noses where they don’t belong.  I try not to stand too close to these people because I believe in the proverbial single lightning bolt strike.  It is true that church ladies know everything.  And it is true that they discuss everything.  But the way I look at it is this.  God’s angels have to know everything.  It is a job requirement.  And the angels have to share information and discuss situations in order to come up with the best plan of action.  It comforts me to know that if something traumatic happens to me whether by accident or through some fault of my own, I have a veritable army of church ladies ready to do battle on my behalf.   They are powerful prayer warriors who make a difference in large and small ways.  They plan, organize and serve, but most of all, they listen to the heartbeat of their churches.  Church ladies aren’t afraid to act.  They have a Higher Power standing firmly behind them. 


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Very true for most church societies, I think.

Comment by Karmyn R

I love this post! And I like to think I might be one of these church ladies. :o)

Comment by Jenster

What a wonderful post 🙂

Comment by Tonya

It’s true, the small army of woment that care enough to go out and make a difference are the ones that make the world go around.

I think this is true of most organzations…going beyond churches into the schools/PTA, scouts…anywhere there is a need for someone to get something done.

Comment by Susan

There was a time when churches provided all the “welfare”….
before government intervened.

I think it was better that way – as people were encouraged to make a better life — and not wait for handouts.

Comment by Pamela

Great post and I agree. I love the last two sentences of your post….”Church ladies aren’t afraid to act. They have a Higher Power standing firmly behind them. ” AMEN!

Comment by Debbie

There is one particular person that this fits so well. At least for me. And that is mjd. She is outstanding. She singlehandedly moves our church forward. Our Coats for Kids and School Supply Giveaways are her brainchild. And she takes good care to see that they are always successful. She probably would not agree with me. But I am here to tell you that is true.

Comment by gawilli

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