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True Beauty
August 6, 2007, 8:43 pm
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In the last month, I’ve attended three funerals.  Three ladies from my home town church, one of whom was my aunt , have passed on to glory.  While their passing is sad for those of us they left behind, I know that the ladies themselves are free from pain and worry.  I am confident they are with our Heavenly Father and are experiencing joys that we earthbound mortals cannot imagine.  

I played the piano for Miss Ruby’s service this morning.  She lived a bit on down the road from me and she and her family have been wonderful country neighbors.   She was one of the sweetest, most humble and unselfish people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  One of her sons told us that Miss Ruby was apologizing to the nurses in the hospital for being such a bother on the day that she died.   That was her way.  She always seemed to think of others before she thought of herself. 

Miss Ruby was my mom’s first grade teacher.  There were many of her former students, most of them well into their 60’s, at the service today.  Many of them spoke this morning of Miss Ruby and the impact she had on their lives.  One lady told how Miss Ruby would take her class of 43 five and six year olds outside for exercise.  They would line up in a straight line and march around the school yard following Miss Ruby.  A man recounted misbehaving in class.  Miss Ruby knew he loved to read so she gave him an encyclopedia volume when he became too antsy and he could read to his heart’s content.  The man said he eventually read through the entire set of encyclopedias.  A woman clearly remembered a subtraction math lesson.  There were many other memories. 

Miss Ruby substituted at school for years after she had retired from active teaching.  She didn’t drive so she always rode the school bus to school.  My brother came home from first grade one day and told Mom that he loved it when Miss Ruby rode the school bus.  He said Miss Ruby smelled so good when she got on the bus in the morning.  Mom was trying to remember what fragrance Miss Ruby wore, a powder or perfume, when my brother added, “She smells just like biscuits.”  Miss Ruby loved that story.

Miss Ruby was small in stature, she never reached five feet in heighth, but her influence and the love she had for children knew no limitations.  She and her husband raised three sons and she was blessed with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  She was a true Southern lady, gracious, kind and devout in her faith. 

“True beauty shines from the soul and warms the world with its kindness, compassion and integrity.”  I don’t know who wrote that phrase, but it defines Miss Ruby.   


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what a wonderful story. They just don’t make them like that anymore.

Comment by Pamela

a wonderful story well told.

are those wild flocks?

Comment by Vicki

Beautiful story – I’m sure there will be some of the same memories from your own students one day. You sure have taught enough kids!

Comment by Tiggerlane

I had a friend like Miss Ruby, who went Home about 7 years ago.
I especially like the encyclopedia story 🙂

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

Lovely story. I knew a woman, she was like a grandmother to me who was like this. 🙂 She had no children of her own because of cancer, which she had twice. Her mind was still sharp, just her poor body gave out on her. She was in her upper 90’s when she went home. I miss her very much, but I know she is in a much better place. At Peace. 🙂

Comment by Debbie

What a nice tribute. It makes me sad to think that Ruby’s genteel and gracious nature is passing. My generation doesn’t put out women (or men) like that anymore. I think that is why I like to watch Jane Austen movies – everyone is so polite and genteel to each other. I think The South is one of the last places on earth to still have those manners.

Comment by Karmyn R

We need more teachers like Miss Ruby. Nice tribute.

Comment by Betty

Thank you. We know Miss Ruby shines on…. what a wonderful tribute. Remembering brings so much joy and comfort.

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

Miss Ruby sounds like a real gem.

Love the Sweet Williams.

Comment by gawilli

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