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LOL Cats
July 21, 2007, 10:00 pm
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I was surprised to see an article in Time about a WordPress blog.  WordPress lists its top blogs on the sign in page and I Can Has Cheezburger? has been on the list since I moved to this location.  Upon checking the site out, I found it was comprised of cute pictures of animals, primarily cats, with captions. 

Lev Grossman’s Time article is good read if you’re interested in technoculture and the phenomenon of lolcats.  According to him, I Can Has Cheezburger? gets 200 to 500 submissions a day.  The site webmaster is quoted as saying, “We think it has evolved beyond Internet subculture and is hitting the mainstream.”  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve received quite a few emails of late with anywhere from four to eight captioned pictures of cats that were pulled from I Can Has Cheezburger?.  With compilation emails and an article in Time, I can understand why Mr. or Ms. Cheezburger ( the webmaster wanted to remain anonymous) feels the running gag of lolcats is going mainstream.  Grossman sums it up in his final paragraph.  “We may be witnessing a revolution in user generated content, but the more mainstream the Web gets, the more it looks like the mainstream: homogenous, opportunistic and commercial.  It’s no longer a subculture; it’s just the culture.  And don’t we have enough of that already?  Are we facing a future without a weird, vital, creative phenomenon like lolcats?  Say it with me: ‘Do not want!'”


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whew…you’re chartreuse today. i mean W.O.W,

regarding cats…. I can still listen to that Meow Song without a guilt, tho can’t I?

Comment by Pamela

We’ve been fans of that site since before it was even on WP. It’s so silly that we love it! I have to agree with the author though…

Comment by Susan

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