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Search Engine Terms
July 19, 2007, 10:22 pm
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Those of us who use WordPress have a  search engine terms heading on our blog stats page.   Each day a list is comprised of words and/or phrases people have used a search engine to look for that generated a hit on our blog.  WordPress bloggers are also given the number of times a particular word and/or phrase generated a hit and the number of times  the actual blog entry containing the word or phrase was read.  These stats can be pretty interesting.

Needless to say, I get many, many hits for ‘quarter notes.’  Quarter notes is on my list pretty much every day, sometimes in the double digits.  I Googled ‘quarter notes’ just for the fun of it and found that my blog was the third of approximately 17,800,000 entries.  The second most frequent term that I find on my list, believe it or not, is ‘catfish barb.’  The only time I’ve mentioned a catfish barb was in this post which was written as a tribute to my dad.  He made a mud poultice for my thumb when I ripped it on a catfish barb while we were fishing.  My story was the eleventh entry on Google.  About the third most popular term that I get almost every other day, is ‘what fresh hell.’  I used Dorothy Parker’s famous quote as the title for this story about my sister’s wedding.  Another term I see quite frequently is ‘spiraea’ which is a shrub.   I have one in my yard and have posted pictures of it in full spring bloom.

Now for some of the more obscure references to my blog. 

As you know, I have a miniature Dachshund named Jasper.  I wrote a story about Jasper having a tummy ache and throwing up on me so I’ve had things like ‘hard puppy tummy’, ‘my dog pukes on me’ and ‘warm dog puke’ appear on my search engine terms list.  Recently, ‘wedding dress into curtains’ generated a hit on my blog.  And, yes, I did make curtains out of my wedding dress.  You can see the pictures here.  ‘Bat flew next to face’, ‘bat in face’ and ‘living with bat’ have made appearances on my list.  I wrote about a little night visitor that I had back in April of this year and became the tenth entry on a Google search for ‘bat flew next to face.’  Earlier this week, I found ‘girls bicycle seat’ on my terms list.  That hit was generated by Willow Tree  in a comment.  “I’ve always thought it would be nice to come back as a girls bicycle seat.”  You may recall, if you read the original post,  if I believed in reincarnation I would like to come back as Matthew McConaughey’s dog.  Which brings us to search engine terms about Matthew. 

I honestly believe that my friend Tiggerlane  has embarked on a sinister plot to dampen my infatuation with Matthew McConaughey.  She is a devious woman who is typing negative phrases concerning Matthew into search engines knowing full well that what she types will appear on my search engine terms list.  A subliminal-type torture for my besotted psyche.  How else could I explain how things like ‘Matthew McConaughey drinks a lot’, Matthew McConaughey is an ass’ and ‘Matthew McConaughey smokes dope’ appear on my list?!!  I certainly didn’t say those awful things about Matthew.  I was happy to see ‘Matthew McConaughey goes to my church’ on my list though and I KNOW Tigger didn’t instigate that search. 

Well, Tigger, this week’s picture is dedicated to you.  I found a picture of those flexing butt muscles you mentioned in a comment and I couldn’t resist. 


Have a great weekEND everyone!!!


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If this was a game of Pictionary, the answer would be ‘Buttface’.

Comment by Willowtree

great. I’m picking Peter as my next pictionary partner

I saw Matt in the gossip news on one of the main stream news articles today. He may be the worlds sexiest again for some rag.

Comment by Pamela

I wish bloglines could show me those statistics!

You infatuated with Matthew? I’d never have guessed!

Comment by beccy

Wow, where do you get those pictures? You aren’t stalking the poor man, are you? 🙂 !!!

Comment by Devon

Oh My!!! 🙂

Comment by Debbie

That is too funny!!

Comment by Tonya

Coming to this post after reading the one about Tiggerlane, I must say – What kind of friend is SHE???? Ragging on Matthew?????? the shame.

(I’ve mentioned this before on other blogs – but someone found my site once by googling: “I like to smell my St@pdaught3rs pant*es” I was freaked out) – (I typed it that way so you wouldn’t get anyone to your page through that search)

Comment by Karmyn R

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