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July 16, 2007, 9:56 pm
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When Aunt Ava Mae’s sons started going through her things they found envelopes of pictures that she had sorted and labeled with her siblings’ names.   Each envelope contained photos that Aunt Ava Mae’s brothers and sisters had given her over the years.  My mom let my brother, sister and me sift through her envelope and take whatever pictures we wanted.  I loved looking at all the photographs, but even more, I loved reading what Mom had written on the back of some of the shots.


Donald is beginning to look like a man. The politicians are giving him their cards now. They thought for a long time that he wasn’t old enough to vote.”

This is Dad and me standing in our front yard.  There wasn’t a date any where on the photo, but Mom and I think it was probably taken at Easter in 1963.  Dad would have been twenty-five if we have the year figured correctly.  Mom’s caption on the back made me laugh.  If you look closely between the two trees on Dad’s right, you can see the furrows of Grandpa T.s’ corn field.  Grandpa T. never used a tractor in his life.  He plowed that field with a plow pulled by his two horses.  He harvested the corn by hand and tossed the ears into a wooden wagon pulled by the same horses. 


“How do you like our car? It’s really a pick-up, Chevy El Camino. Tam and I wanted to stand somewhere else, but….it’s a wonder he even got US in the pic.”

This is Mom and I in a shot taken that same Easter.  Dad really did get into his vehicles as you may have guessed with Mom’s caption.  I remember the El Camino having lots of chrome and I loved riding in the back of it. 


I was so happy to find this picture in Aunt Ava Mae’s envelope.   Mom didn’t have anything written on the back of it except the date which was May 1960.  I think I look a little fussy.  I probably wanted to be hugging on Togo, my stalwart canine buddy.  I had forgotten how bowlegged Togo was until I saw this picture.  My daddy was one cool dude with his rolled up shirt sleeves, cuffed Levi’s and ‘Buddy Holly’ glasses. 


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Great stuff!

Comment by Willowtree

look at you! My brother would have teased you and called you T-Bangs. He called me and my sister Trish that. We never quite understood what he meant. I think he figured mom cut our hair with a T as her ruler or something. Straight banks like the top of a T

Wonderful pictures. Everyone should write something on the back. Now with digitals you’ll have to figure some other way to write it.

Comment by Pamela

These are lovely photos to treasure.

Comment by chrisb

Thank you for sharing your pics with us. I love looking at pics especially older ones with a story. 🙂

Comment by Debbie

This is great 🙂 I love when you share these types of pics!!

Comment by Tonya

I love your stories! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Shauna

I have presented an award to you – you might want to visit my blog. . 🙂

Comment by Shauna

Those are wonderful old photos and how lucky you are that your mom wrote on the backs of them. Might someone have been wearing a
can-can under those dresses?

Comment by Swamp Witch

How cool – and that is one bow-legged dog!

I didn’t realize it was you in that photo, at first!

Comment by Tiggerlane

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