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A Well-Balanced Family
July 9, 2007, 11:04 pm
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I am leaving Wednesday for a four day music workshop in the Dallas area. Even though it is technically work, the trip is still an annual summer highlight. I always attend with my friend and fellow music teacher and honestly, we have a blast! (Please don’t tell our administrators because workshops are not supposed to be fun.) Seriously though, how could singing, learning choreography and shopping for new music NOT be fun for music teachers?!! I probably won’t be posting again until Sunday so have a great week!

My mom’s family is very unique. Let me introduce you to them using a family portrait taken in 1952. You should recognize the portion of the photo that I used in my tribute to Aunt Ava Mae.


I will only name my mom’s siblings and parents since they are the main players in my story. The rest of the people are in-laws and grandchildren. Standing in the rear from the left we have first, Alice, then David. The fourth standing person is Harve and the sixth person is Gene. The young lady standing on the far right is my mom. Seated in chairs from the left, the second woman is Granny W., then Grandpa W., followed by Marilyn and Ava Mae. Seated on the ground on the far left is Walter.   Because my readers are highly intelligent people and because it doesn’t take an nuclear physicist to figure it out, you should have noticed there are four male siblings and four female siblings.  Balance. 


This is Aunt Ava Mae, Mom and Aunt Alice at a family reunion in 2001. Aunt Marilyn had already passed away at this point in time.   I love seeing Aunt Ava Mae vamping for the camera.  She and Aunt Alice had been tickling Mom which is why she has her arms wrapped up so tight.   Now back to my story.  We have four males and four females in the family, right?  That was easy.  Let’s break it down some more.  Four of the children had blue eyes and four of the children had brown eyes.  Four of the children were left-handed and four of the children were right-handed.  Balance.  We can break it down even more.  Two of the males were brown-eyed, two blue-eyed and two were left-handed and two were right-handed.  Same thing with the females.  Pretty cool, huh?!!  Balance.   One more step and if you don’t believe me you can ask my mom.  She always tells the truth whether you want to hear it or not.  One blue-eyed, left-handed male; one brown-eyed, left-handed male and so on.  You can balance it out on your own and the females follow the very same pattern.  A very well-balanced family!


This is my family plus Aunt Ava Mae taken at the same reunion in June 2001.   Can you tell that we all love to laugh and have a good time?!!  Aunt Ava Mae joined our family portrait because her children were unable to attend the reunion and she had already been widowed a second time.  My dad died in April of 2001 so we are missing him, too.  My nieces are so cute, aren’t they?!!  They sure aren’t that little any more!

Needless to say, with Aunt Ava Mae’s recent passing, Mom and I have been talking about family alot.  There are only four children left in her family; two males and two females.  Mom has brown eyes and is right-handed.  Her only living sister is blue-eyed and left-handed.  And you guessed it…..one brother is brown-eyed and right-handed and the other is blue-eyed and left-handed.  Balance.  I think that is pretty amazing, don’t you?

And speaking of well-balanced…….


Hubba, hubba…..you didn’t really think I would leave you for a whole week without a picture of Matthew, did you?  Get real, no way!!  😉


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You have a blast in Dallas! ! ! Just getting away would be wonderful! ! !

Comment by Shauna

That balance is just amazing–love it! I don’t know your family, but I really enjoyed this post.

I hope you have wonderful week! We’ll enjoy Matthew ’til you get back 🙂

Comment by momto3cubs

OH F – you got me laughing. I like how you slipped in that last picture! (giggle giggle – drool).

My mom comes from a family of 8 – 4 boys, 4 girls. (2 boys, 2 girls, 2 boys, 2 girls). I’ll have to ask her if there are any other balances – but I suspect they are all blue eyed.

Comment by Karmyn R

Phew! I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to find a way to show a pic of Matthew!

Comment by Betty

Aww…you balanced the whole post out with Mathew.

Comment by susan

that is one amazing well balanced post!!! except it maybe you are a little unbalanced when it comes to that matt fellow!!!

I came from a four boys four girls (I’m the youngest)
Birth order: boy boy girl girl boy boy girl girl.

Comment by Pamela

I was so afraid of having no pic of Matt to look at.


Comment by Debbie

Have a great time! Hope you come back with some whopper stories.

Comment by gawilli

Interesting and balanced reflection of your family. Have a wonderful time in Dallas.

That is particularly excellent picture of Matthew.

Comment by mjd

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