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July 8, 2007, 10:34 pm
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Debbie asked us to write about where we relax and I will begin my post with a picture of ‘the road home.’  About a mile from my house, I enter this section of road leading to the river bridge.   Any worry or stress that I might be feeling seems to melt away as I enter the sheltering  canopy of these stately trees.  No matter what tasks or issues await me,  a feeling of peace and relaxation almost always begins at this point because I am on my way home.


One of my favorite things about my house is the screened porch. Porches are important in the South and I am fortunate enough to have a jewel of a porch. It stretches the entire length of my home and provides 400 square feet of space in which to relax.


I don’t have a digital camera and I didn’t have time to finish a roll of film before posting so I have to mention that this picture is several years old.   I now have two rocking chairs in the vistin’ area of the porch plus a small dining table with mismatched chairs and an old wooden church pew.  But you get the idea.  I also had to laugh when I looked closely at the picture.  It was taken shortly before I had all the screen re-done on my porch and you can see a single woman repair job on the screen door in the photo.  My cats and dog ripped the screen so I nailed a piece of plywood to the frame and stapled the torn screen to the board.  The handyman who eventually did the work for me made a pet entrance panel so now everyone is happy including a neighborhood possum who occasionally comes visitin’ on the porch.   

The next two pictures were taken last summer and the porch hasn’t changed much at all since then. 


Benches, birdhouses, a willow basket of pine cones, bird art and an antique garden gate (you can just see the edge of it) all reside on the porch.  I need to do a virtual porch tour in the future because you can’t see even half of the junk treasures I’ve collected through the years.


I posted this picture of my antique watering can collection sometime last summer so it will be familiar to some of you.  As you can see, I also collect old tin and enamel buckets. 

I spend hours and hours on my porch.  It is my absolute favorite place to relax.  I can watch birds at my feeders, squirrels and bunnies running around and deer nibbling on wild honeysuckle vines.  I love sitting on the porch and watching the rain.  It is a wonderful place for summer suppers and the perfect environment for reading a good book. 

Thanks for joining me on my porch and be sure to check out other relaxing spots at Debbie’s!


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I am so in love with your screened in porch! My mouth was wide open and I think I might have drooled. That is one of the best places to relax. I have one but it is super tiny, but at least its a start!

I love your collection of watering cans! I too enjoy watching the wildlife!

Comment by Kaytabug

Darn it! I forgot to say that I LOVE driving down roads where the trees connect to make a canopy. That is so beautiful!

Comment by Kaytabug

I would love driving home everyday on that road.

Comment by my4kids

I’ve always had this great desire to sleep in a screened porch. I think I read a book when I was a kid that had a screened porch with seven kids sleeping in it.

When I come to visit – thats where you’ll find me. UNLESS the possum comes a courtin’

Comment by Pamela

Sweet! That road home would certainly melt those cares away.

Boy, I’ve got to get my eyes checked, for a minute there I thought I read that you didn’t have a digital camera!! How crazy is that?

Comment by Willowtree

That porch is great, it’s nearly half the size of my house!

Comment by beccy

I love those roads where the trees meet in the middle!

Comment by theotherbear

I love the pictures of the road leading to your home and your screened-in porch. Your porch is lovely as well as spacious. Sitting on the porch watching the rain is a lovely summer pastime and very peaceful.

Comment by mjd

I’m about ready to jump in the car and drive to your house!! I love the tree-lined road…

Your porch is great… I wish my front porch was screened in… I’d spend a lot of time out there if it was!

Comment by Jodi

You are not the only one with no diggy cam. My diggy cam money went to my DH’s doctor bill. *LOL*

A BEAUTIFUL road home and a screened porch. What a perfect life. I remember your watering can collection. I am so jealous! 😉

Comment by Debbie

VERY cool and relaxing screened porch and the road to your home is unbelievable.

Comment by Joy T.

If nothing else you have succeeded in making me homesick. LOL We had a pretty fabulous porch in Arkansas, too, though not as perfect as yours.

I love the area we’re in now, but sometimes I just yearn for a southern moment or two.

Comment by Jenster

I love, love, love that porch. May I come over for one of your summer suppers?
Great antique watering can collection.

Comment by Swamp Witch

Your porch is amazing…it’s so big, and your road to home is just beautiful.

Comment by Hannah

What a comfy, cozy, relaxing screened porch…

I’m so jealous!

Thanks for sharing!

Happy Fun Monday

Comment by JennieBoo

What a wonderfully comforting home you have. Really.

Comment by Susan

I would love a screened porch (of course, here in the NW we don’t have the bug issue that you do in the South, so that is why there aren’t many around).

I LOVE that road – looks very inviting.

Comment by Karmyn R

That road reminds me of some of the country roads we get here. There is such a peaceful feeling when the trees create a tunnel and if there are no other cars about it somehow seems magical. A porch that stretches the length of the house now that is a wow factor- lucky you.

Comment by chrisb

I have relaxed on this porch – and it is indeed a great place!

Hope I get invited back! 😦

Comment by Tiggerlane

Oh my goodness! I love this post. I love the picture of your road home. I love your screened porch and your watering can collection and your post about your Aunt Ava Marie. And I LOVE that picture of Matthew McConnawhatever. (Sheesh that’s a hard name to spell!) Did you see The Colbert Report the other night when he was talking about M.McC? Funny stuff. Why did I not know you had a regular Friday date with him? I have got to read this blog more often than just Mondays.

Comment by Jenni in KS

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