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July 5, 2007, 10:43 pm
Filed under: Matthew McConaughey

In a comment on my last post,  Willow Tree  expressed his admiration for the Carmen Miranda hat.   I felt obligated to post this lovely picture.   After all, I did promise Willow Tree that I would try to post some pictures of women to compensate for his having to endure my regular Friday post featuring Matthew McConaughey. 


It is a nice hat. I can’t help but think if the fruit were real, this hat would be perfect to wear if I was planning to imbibe multiple drinks in which rum was the main ingredient.  I could simply remove my drink garnish from the hat.  This hat would also be an appropriate gift for a bartender.  It would also be perfect for the more health conscious among us who would appreciate carrying part of their fruit smoothie ingredients on their heads. 


Thank you, Willow Tree, for not only encouraging me to expand my Friday posts to include pictures of my own gender, but also for helping me with some great gift ideas.   Unfortunately, as much as I truly adore the Carmen Miranda hat, I must admit that the cowboy hat is my personal favorite.


I’ll take one of these, please. My birthday is coming up soon so Tiggerlane, since you are my dear, dear friend, you can just have the ENTIRE package shipped to my address. 


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bwaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Comment by Pamela

How the hell did you get Matt in a cowboy hat into a Carmen Miranda post!!?? You’re good.

Comment by Willowtree

You my dear have a great talent! I love cowboy hats myself! 🙂

Comment by Debbie

ROFLMAO.. too funny and yes I would take the cowboy hat anyday!! lol

Comment by Tonya

I’ll take what’s IN the cowboy hat, thank you very much!

Anyone have a lasso???

Comment by Jodi

I think you should change the name of your blog to “Musing on Matthew.”


And I tried to get his butt mail-ordered, but dang – he’s too busy flexing it.

Comment by Tiggerlane

I knew you were going to get Mathew in here somehow!

Comment by Susan

I saw your screen name somewhere and I had to come check out the blog. I lived in Central Arkansas from 1988 until just last year. I read a few of your posts and have to tell you I totally understand your comment about rain taking you back to Arkansas. I live in Pennsylvania now and it just doesn’t seem to rain right here. :o)

Also, I’m a breast cancer survivor and one of the techs at my oncologist’s office had this same picture of Matthew where they did the blood draws. She called him Matthew McConnohotty.

Comment by Jenster

[…] July 6th, 2007 — martadc I have been inspired by Arkansassongbird’s Matthew McConaughey posts – from now on, Friday is going to be Photo Friday in My Pearwood Luggage: actors, recipes, places, […]

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