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Something Blue
June 29, 2007, 11:48 pm
Filed under: Matthew McConaughey

Two weeks ago Tiggerlane and I attended the wedding of one of my former students.   The bride also happens to be the daughter of the superintendent of the school district I work for.  The church was beautifully decorated with candles and flowers.  The music was very nice.  The bride and groom made a lovely couple.  The reception was fun.  Lots of good food and I got to visit with a lot of people I hadn’t seen for a while.  

The whole wedding experience made me think of my own weddings.  Yep, I’ve had two weddings and two divorces.  The first divorce was painful, but the second one was a relief.    Anyway, in my nostalgic frame of mind that little bride’s verse popped into my head.  You know the one……something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  And I had an epiphany right there at the wedding.  My whole less-than-perfect marital experiences stemmed from the fact that I did not have the correct ‘something blue.’ 



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you just crack me up … and I already have my mouth guard in — so I’m laughing with a lisp.

Comment by Pamela

Sigh… my hubbys at work, I’m getting ready for bed and I see another deeply evocative picture on your blog.

Thank you in advance for my dreams tonight!!!

Comment by Devon

Now that’s what I’m talking about – nice blue.

Comment by Karmyn R


Comment by beccy

Sheesh, you are so funny!

Comment by gawilli

Drool ! ‘heavy breathing’…I’m too old for this.

Comment by Swamp Witch

Hey! I just realized that I didn’t, either! I feel much better, now.

Comment by Betty

You are toooo funny! When are you gonna propose to this man, anyway?

Comment by Tiggerlane

Oh how I love that blue. 🙂 He has a great smile, I bet he smells good too! YUMMY!

Comment by Debbie

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