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The Rescue
June 27, 2007, 11:16 pm
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There are a lot of things in this old world that upset me because I am a tenderhearted soul, but I absolutely can’t abide the mistreatment of children and animals. 

My mom’s truck has been in the shop and she called me this afternoon telling me the truck was repaired and could I please take her to pick it up.  As I drove to her house, I passed a large, white box sitting in the ditch by the side of the road.  I drove on by because Mom was expecting me, but I kept thinking about that box.  It was preying on my mind because sometimes people dump puppies or kittens out on our rural dirt roads.  I told Mom about it and said I was going to stop by that box on the way home and check it out.  Mom decided that she would help me do the checking.  Sure enough when we got back to the box it was tipped over.  There was crumpled newspaper and two bath towels laying in some water in the ditch.  We walked up and down both sides of the road for a ways and we didn’t see or hear anything.  No tracks, nothing.  We picked the trash up and went back to our respective homes.

Later in the afternoon, I was settin’ on the front porch watching it rain when my phone rang.  It was one of my fifth grade students who lives in my country ‘neighborhood.’  He asked me if my mom had any puppies because he and his dad were in their truck near her house and there were two puppies in the road.  Aha!  I just knew that box had had puppies in it.  I told my student about the box and said that someone had probably dumped the puppies.  He told me that he and his dad were going to take the puppies home with them.  We hung up.  I wanted to see those pups so Jasper and I jumped in the car and headed out to intercept my neighbors on the road as they drove home.  I must have missed them because I drove all the way to Mom’s house without meeting a single vehicle.  Mom wasn’t home so I left her a note telling her what had happened, loaded Jasper back in the car and started back home.  As I rounded a curve about a quarter mile from her house, there they sat in the middle of the road.  Two painfully thin, tiny beagle puppies. 

Jasper started barking and my temper started heating up.  I couldn’t believe my neighbor just left those pups by the side of the road.  Now let me take a moment to remind you that I had just jumped in my car on a whim wanting to see those puppies.  I was barefoot and wearing an old pair of cut-off shorts and a ratty old T-shirt.  I got out of my car with the intention of rescuing those pups and I quickly understood why they were still by the side of the road.  Those puppies were scared to death and the second my bare feet hit the muddy road they took off running as fast as their scrawny little legs could carry them.  One of them took off into the underbrush of the woods and I just couldn’t follow him with bare feet.  The other one ran right up the middle of the road.  I squatted down hoping that I would appear less threatening and tried calling to it.  It paused for a moment then started hollerin’ at the top of its lungs and kept right on running.  What was I to do?  I started chasing it down the middle of the road.  Jasper started barking again, the puppy in the woods started hollerin’ and the other pup just kept running and hollerin’ like I was the devil himself chasing after it.  It finally ran into a briar patch and cowered, but I just couldn’t get to it. 

Time for a new plan.  I took Jasper home, put on shoes and socks, grabbed some ham out of the fridge for enticement and a blanket to protect the interior of my car from muddy pups because I WAS GOING BACK TO CATCH THOSE LITTLE BOOGERS. 

When I got back to the dumped puppy location, my neighbor’s truck was parked by the side of the road.  He and his son had been on their way to town to pick up his daughter after softball practice.  My neighbor had run into the same problem I did with trying to catch the puppies.  He didn’t want to be late picking up his daughter so he had left the puppy chasing for the return trip home.  They already had one of the little fellers in the back of their truck and my neighbor was stomping around out in the woods trying to catch the other one.  I won’t write what he was saying, but my neighbor used a lot of the same words that Willowtree  uses on his blog.  Regardless, my neighbor caught the little critter and I am happy to report that the puppies will have a good home with lots of love and attention from an eleven year old boy and his fourteen year old sister. 


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Yeah – a happy ending.

Okay – this is going to break your heart (I still think about them). When I was working in Alabama, my coworker and I were driving down some back road and came across two little puppies on the side of the road. I was going to pull over and pick them up. My co-worker told me “no” for various reasons (we were strangers there, didn’t know anyone, where would we keep them? Where would we put them? We were in a hotel…yadda yadda yadda.) I listened to her and drove away – guilt ripping through my heart.

I still think about those damn puppies and wished I hadn’t listened to her and just picked them up.

Comment by Karmyn R

What is wrong with some people!!!! You ever noticed that puppies, kittens, and babies all have one thing in common? Those who can least afford to have them seem to produce the most.

Comment by Willowtree

I can’t believe how some people treat animals. My dad was a CHP Officer and he used to bring home lots of stray animals he found on the road ways.

I’m glad these two babies made it to a good home!

Comment by Devon

I am SO GLAD you were able to find out the “ending” to the puppy story!

I still can’t believe people are so thoughtless and cruel. To animals AND babies.

At least I wasn’t left in a box on the side of the road. Sheesh….

Comment by Tiggerlane

I could see you out there in the brambles chasing those little baying beagles. Poor things

Comment by Pamela

I am glad they are in a great home now.

Comment by Debbie

Oh, what a heartbreaking story. I’m so glad that the pups have made it to a good home.

Comment by Susan

Ah, relief. A happy ending. I was a little worried there for awhile.

Comment by gawilli

The two best dogs we’ve ever had were “dumped” on our secluded road. We loved them so & they were so grateful!

Comment by Hazel

I am so glad this had a happy ending but really it does make me mad that people just abandon animals like that! I mean, really!! There are shelters, no kill shelters that take these animals in! Don’t people know better???

Comment by claudia

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