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Pretty in Pink
June 25, 2007, 10:22 pm
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“Summer time and the livin’ is easy. Catfish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high. Well, your daddy’s rich and your mammy’s good lookin’ so hush, little baby, don’t you cry.”

I just love “Summertime”  from Porgy and Bess.  I sing it a lot this time of year.   I don’t raise cotton, but look what I do have reaching high in my garden.


This is what I see when I look out my kitchen window. I wish you could see it in person because this picture just doesn’t capture the absolute beauty of all these flowers. I did a post in early May with a picture of the southern most third of my garden and you should check it out to see what a difference there is! If I’m remembering correctly, I actually took that picture in March.   Anyway, what you see here are purple coneflowers, bergamot and rudbeckia.


Purple coneflower echinacea purpurea is a perennial that returns year after year and requires very little care.  It will produce flowers all summer long, but it looks its prettiest in late June and early July before the heat and humidity start sapping its strength.  Butterflies and bees love the flowers,  some of which grow to six inches in width. 


Bergamot monarda didyma also called Bee Balm or Oswego Tea, is an herb.  I love the unique shape of the flowers which attract bees and hummingbirds.  Bergamot has an interesting history as a “Freedom Tea” and dates back to the Boston Tea Party, when patriots threw the highly taxed English tea into Boston Harbor, in protest.  Indians of the Oswego tribe showed the colonists how to use this plant to make a minty substitute tea from its fragrant leaves.  The tea from this native American plant became one of the most popular teas of the American Revolution times. 


The yellow flowers are yarrow achillea millefolium which is also an herb.  This plant is an old-time medicinal herb.  It received its name from Achilles who is said to have used it to stop the bleeding of wounded soldiers in the Trojan Wars. 

Stay tuned for more garden pictures soon! 


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Comment by Karmyn R

I tried growing bee balm. It didn’t like my yard
The cone flower (echinacea) is great… in fact it is toooo great. It is pretty invasive.

I’ve been giving it to my neighbors and friends.

Love your pink array.

Comment by Pamela

The coneflowers are my favorite!! How beautiful!

Comment by Jodi

They’re beautiful!

Comment by Susan

Pretty flowers. And, I love Porgy and Bess, too.

Comment by Betty

It makes me so darn happy to see such an incredible patch of purple cone flowers, rudbeckia, bergamot, and yarrow!!! I don’t care if you ever use any of them as medicinal plants, but they are so precious to our herbal heritage and all of them are so pretty.

I’m going to go visit mine now. But I have only tiny amounts of each right now. It’s a start anyway!

Comment by Angelina

Oh! Oh! Oh! See how the flowers dance!!! I love your photos!!! You take me away to a world of blooms that I’m not experiencing right now. Color me jealous… but also grateful that you post the pics and I get a glimpse! What a wonder! Enjoy!!

Also — love how you know the real names of your flowers! I have been informing everyone I know that my yard is now open to ALL perenials. I have sun, I have shade, I have room! It is fun to get additions from the gardens of friends — you always think of them when the new year brings new blooms.

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

Beautiful flowers and photos!!! 🙂

Comment by Debbie

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