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Books, Books and More Books
June 24, 2007, 7:52 pm
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Swampwitch asked us to post pictures of book shelves or stacks of books. In typical teacher fashion, she expanded  the assignment to include storage shelves in our garages or shelves filled with treasures, but I stuck with books.  


These shelves are in my junk room home office and are filled primarily with fiction.  As you can see, I need to move the treasures off the shelves so I can get all my books standing upright.  The birdhouses across the top are all handmade.  The first and third houses from the left were made by my dad.  The bottom shelf holds a collection of antique hymnbooks along with video spillover from my entertainment center in the living room.  Some of the authors whose works grace my shelves are Rita Mae Brown, Harlan Coben, Michael Connelly, Pat Conroy, Patricia Cornwell, Robert Crais, J.F. Freedman, John Grisham, Greg Iles, John Sandford and Scott Turow.  If you are familiar with any of these authors then you should know I like reading suspense/thriller-type novels.  There are also some classics on my shelves like Gone With the Wind, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby and East of Eden. 


Next we move the dining room shelves where I took a closeup so you can read titles.


Last, but not least, is this little bench/shelf that is at the end of my bed. As you can see it is full of my gardening books.   The photo albums on the left are full of pictures I’ve taken of my flowers, shrubs, veggies and herbs.  I have a seventeen year pictorial history of just about everything I’ve grown or tried to grow.   The photos are useful when I’m planning new beds or expanding garden space plus they are just pretty to look at! 

My reference books are on the shelves of my computer desk.  My Bible and other religious-type books are in a basket in my bedroom.  I have some of those over-sized glossy ‘picture’ books in my living room and I have stacks of school-related music books and sheet music on my dining table because I’ve been planning for the next school year.  That about sums up all my books.  Fly on over to visit Swampwitch and see what everyone else has on their shelves!


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That bookshelf in your home office is nice and big! Mine are only half that width (and must be cheap because they seem to be sagging in the middle anyway).

Comment by theotherbear

you are book rich.
I’ve never read east of eden.

Love your bird houses. Saw a “funky bird house” store on the way to the ocean.

BUT… said NO when asked if I wanted to stop.
I knew I didn’t have the money to buy a bird house… dang it.

Comment by Pamela

Love the bird houses. That is so nice to have something displyed that your father built.
You have some great books there.

Comment by my4kids

My eyes were drawn to the bird houses as well, they’re lovely.

Comment by beccy

Wow….I’m really impressed with the birdhouses! You said they’re handmade? Did you make them?

Happy Fun Monday

Comment by Hootin' Anni

East of Eden…I’ve gotta re-read that one.

Comment by Jenny

Great collection of authors. I think it’s nice to have a mixture of books and treasures. I would have liked a closer look at the birdhouses!

Comment by chrisb

It’s official…we all seem to love your birdhouses!

(You have some great books too!)

Comment by Susan

Very nice….I also love your birdhouses. Your titles are very similar to my own.

Enjoyed seeing your “Fun Monday” today.

Happy Monday

Comment by JennieBoo

Yep, that’s some nice shelve stuff. Do you had a bird flap so the birds can get in?

Comment by Willowtree

My eyes want to see the picture sitting on the chair! Is this the one of your students? Nosey, huh? Also, I love old hymnals. They are the very best. I remember the surprise when I found Morning has Broken in an old Methodist hymnal – and it sounded pretty similar to the way Cat Stevens had done it. I use to have a lady friend you would play those old hymns on her piano and the floor would just rock. Love, Love, Love it!

Comment by gawilli

Aah… what a beautiful collection of books. You are a kindred soul… what with Robert Frost poetry and gardening books, I could be happy for hours with your library!

Comment by Devon

OMG YOU have Birdhouses too. 🙂 I love my birdhouses.
Great Shelves!! 🙂

Comment by Debbie

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