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Happy Birthday Jasper
June 18, 2007, 10:22 pm
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In September 2002, I was taking a walk. About a half mile from my house, my neighbors were in their yard with their female Dachshund’s latest litter of pups. As I passed along the way a tiny black dynamo ran to the edge of the property barking ferociously. He growled and snarled. It was obvious he meant business. It was love at first sight for me. I bravely walked into their yard to enquire about the black menace with the crooked tail who was still sounding the alarm as his litter mates scampered to the safety of their mother’s side. I left with Jasper. I carried him all the way home in the palm of my right hand.   He was born on June 19, 2002.  He was the last puppy of his litter and his tail was broken during birth. 


Jasper quickly became my pal. He is not just a fair weather friend. Rain, sleet, hail or snow, he is always ready for an adventure.


Jasper is no slouch either. I couldn’t ask for a more helpful companion. He is always vigilant guarding the ‘estate’ and chases away any intruders.


Jasper works very hard. Digging is a daily chore. I’m not sure what he is searching for, but he digs with gusto snapping roots with his teeth and shoving rocks out of the way with his nose.


Jasper knows how to relax. When his work for the day is done, he takes a nice long nap. Snoring is usually involved.


Jasper annoys plays well with Africa.  Tag and wrestling are his favorite games.   Africa likes the I’ll-sit-up-here-and-look-regal-while-you-grovel-at-my-feet game.


He is my constant friend and loyal companion.   Quite a handsome fellow, too.  Happy birthday, Jasper!! 🙂


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Awwww… Happy Birthday, Jasper!

Comment by momto3cubs

there’s nothing like a dog for a pal. I sure miss my dog. Same color as yours… just 130 lbs bigger

Comment by Pamela

He’s sweet. Happy (belated) Birthday Jasper.

Comment by chrisb

Happy Birthday Jasper. My cats do the same thing to my dogs, it sends them crazy.

Comment by Willowtree

Oh Happy Day, Jasper!! He’s so cute!!

I have been looking at getting a dachshund… perhaps once a few of my planned trips are over, I’ll go for it!

Comment by Jodi

Happy Birthday Jasper! ! ! He’s so cute!

Comment by Shauna

How cute! Happy Birthday Jasper!

Comment by Tonya

Happy Birthday 2 U
Happy Birthday 2 U
Happy Birthday Mr. Jasper
Happy Birthday 2 U

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

What a cute, feisty pup! I’ll bet you really enjoy having him aroud.

Comment by Betty

Happy B-day! And what? No dog-party this year??

I also hope you don’t get busted for doggie-porn.

Comment by Tiggerlane

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