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Stopping the Bugs
June 12, 2007, 8:24 pm
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I spend a lot of time outdoors.  This is especially true in the spring and summer months when I am working every single day in my yard and gardens.  There is always grass to be mowed, weeds to be pulled, plants that need my attention and a host of other outdoor chores waiting to be done.  I enjoy working outside.  It is hot, sweaty, physical labor, but it is also therapeutic for me.  If there is a down side to my enjoyment, I would have to say it is the swarm of gnats and mosquitoes that follow me around as I do my work.  I live in the South where the weather becomes fairly tropical as the summer wears on.  High humidity is a given.  Sweat is a natural fact.  I can handle whatever the weather dishes out, but I really get irritated by the bugs. 

My mom is a firm believer in the bug repelling qualities of Avon’s Skin-So-Soft bath oil.  I know there is a lot of information out there telling folks that the bath oil doesn’t actually repel mosquitoes and other bugs, but Mom is still a believer.  She uses the stuff religiously when she works outside.  The other day when I was complaining about my itchy bug bites and the swarm that seems to follow me wherever I go outside, Mom gave me my own 16-ounce bottle of Skin-So-Soft and firmly encouraged me to use it. 

Monday the number one thing that I wanted to get accomplished was mowing my wildflower meadow.  The flowers had bloomed, gone to seed and were looking dried out and brown so it was time to mow.  I don’t own a riding mower so after one swipe around the meadow, I was sweaty and the bugs were swarming.  I decided to try Mom’s bug remedy.  I went to the house and rubbed Skin-So-Soft on my face, neck, arms and legs then resumed mowing.  At first, I thought it wasn’t going to work then as I kept working, I noticed there really were fewer and fewer bugs swarming around my face.   I finished mowing the meadow and continued with mowing my yard.  Finally, after a couple of hours of mowing, I came to the house for a break.  My ritual is to sit on my screened porch and take my dirty shoes and socks off and cool down before going in the house so that is what I did.   I would say 30 minutes passed before I went in to the bath room.  I glanced at myself in the mirror as I passed and did an immediate doubletake.  I had bugs stuck all over my face and neck.  It was unbelieveable!  If I had a digital camera, I would have taken a picture.  There must have been hundreds of gnats stuck on my forehead alone.  I looked like a human windshield. 

Avon’s Skin-So-Soft may not repel bugs, but it definitely kills them when they get stuck in it.  


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That is SO funny!! My mom also is a Skin-So-Soft believer… I’ll pass along your story to her!!

Thanks for the laugh!

Comment by Jodi

That is freakin’ hysterical!! A human windshield!

Avon now makes a bug spray in their Skin So Soft line – an aerosol that is easier to use than the oil. Actual repellant sprays with sunscreen. Need some for your birthday?

Nah – you need a digital camera!

Comment by Tiggerlane

OMG that is soo funny and gross at the same time.. lol

Comment by Tonya

Hee hee that is too funny! Oh my heck! I can’t wait to tell the girls at work. We were just having a conversation about what was best to use. One girl said she used Vanilla, you know cooking vanilla. She puts it on a paper towel and then rubs it all over. I did it the other night and it worked. The bugs didn’t even come close to me. It was great!

SSS just didn’t work for me either, but I never had the windsheild effect. That is hilarious. Thanks for sharing!!

Comment by Julie


Comment by claudia

I watched mythbusters bust it.

HOWEVER, I don’t think they tried drowning the bugs in it. I’m cracking up… just cracking up!!!!!

Comment by Pamela

LOL That’s so funny!

I’m just thankful we don’t have too many bugs up here. ICK!

Comment by Susan

That is a great story! I don’t need the picture, you have me laughing out loud here just imagining it!

Comment by Angelina

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