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The Eye of the Needle
June 6, 2007, 10:14 pm
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We began our second morning at Petit Jean State Park with a hike on the Bear Cave Trail. I can’t hold a camera without taking at least one picture of flowers so here is a lovely Queen Anne’s Lace that I captured along the trail.

One of the features of the Bear Cave Trail is a passage through massive sandstone rock formations called The Eye of the Needle.   I was fascinated with this place.  Yes, we saw some bear caves, but they weren’t much compared to The Eye of the Needle.  Here are my nieces at the entrance.

This is a straight up shot as we walked through the Eye of the Needle. I loved the jagged formations. The air was amazingly cooler between the rocks and the only sound was the echo of our feet on the hard packed dirt trail.

Another straight up shot further along the trail. Those rocks are rather close together!

The second trail we hiked that morning was the Rock House Cave Trail. This was the only trail we hiked in a group with a park ranger. There are Native American pictographs in the Rock House Cave and we wanted to hear what the park ranger had to say about them. We hiked over these huge sandstone formations called turtle rocks on the way to the cave.

This is the best shot I could get of the Rock House Cave. It really doesn’t do it justice. You can see a woman in white shorts through the foliage on the right which gives you an idea of how big the Rock House Cave is. I just couldn’t get the large bluff above the cave in a picture. There were too many trees hiding it from view.

We were so glad that we did this trail with the park ranger. He had a reflector that he used to show us the pictographs. I don’t believe I would have recognized what the pictographs were without the reflector and the ranger’s explanations.

We hiked a couple of other short trails before heading for home in the late afternoon.  My nieces could have hiked every trail in the park, but my knees were starting to feel like jelly from all the climbing up and down mountains and Mom was getting a bit tired, too.  We plan to go back to Petit Jean in the fall to hike the trails we missed on this trip.


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I really do want to go there now. The lady in the shorts sure does add perspective to the size.

Comment by Pamela

What an amazing place. Your pictures of it are great. I’m so glad you can’t hold a camera without using it!

Comment by Susan

I love the photo looking up in the Eye of the Needle!

Comment by Jodi

That eye of the needle pic is very cool. Did you go into the caves at all?

My husband was a big spelunker before we married – but I am the type to view caves from afar and to stay in the daylight. Looks like lovely hikes though.

Comment by Karmyn R

I love the Queen Anne’s Lace — I miss it
&, I must say, I love the rocks — I’ve been there!

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

I love the Queen Anne’s Lace also. I remember hearing the story of Queen Anne pricking her finger with the needle while making the lace, the drop of blookd leaving the pretty red bloom in the center.

Comment by gawilli

Both of the hiking posts were great! I just went hiking yesterday and had to turn back before I reached the falls…I am so sore!

Comment by claudia

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