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Support Your Local Cat House
May 21, 2007, 9:13 pm
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I have a magnet on my refrigerator that proudly proclaims “Support your local cat house”. And, no, I don’t live in a red light district. The picture on the magnet that sports the slogan is that of a fat, tabby cat. I’ve had a cat or cats wherever I’ve lived since the age of five.

Santa brought me a yellow tabby for my fifth Christmas. I promptly named the cat Sunshine. Next in line was Kitty Blue, a beautiful smoke-blue longhaired cat that I also got for Christmas when I was thirteen. My piano/voice teacher gave me fluffy, white Jim Dandy (I was a Black Oak Arkansas fan as a teen. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Jim Dandy was the lead singer for Black Oak Arkansas.) I found Squeezy by the side of the road. Blue, Jim Dandy and Squeezy were the cat trio of my teenaged years. I left the trio behind when I began my studies at Northeast Louisiana University. I spent my freshman year in a dorm so I actually lived an entire year without a cat in residence. Then I moved into an apartment and adopted Mr. Nixon, a sleek black cat with a white spot on his nose and one white foot. Three years later, I transferred to the University of Colorado and added Muffin to my cat history.   We now enter some murky years in which I finished my degree, got married and moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Mr. Nixon and Muffin stayed in Arkansas with my parents.  The marriage didn’t last long and I moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, to lick my wounds.  I found my beloved Rudy abandoned in a cardboard box on a grocery store parking lot in Little Rock.  Rudy stayed with me through thick and thin for seventeen years.  He moved with me back to Virginia Beach where we rescued Miss Scarlett.  Rudy and Miss Scarlett lived with me through my Toys R Us tenure in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and back to Roanoke, Virginia, which is where this picture was taken.  Rudy is on the left and Miss Scarlett on the right.


In 1990, Rudy and Miss Scarlett moved home to Arkansas with me where we bought a house that came with a beautiful calico cat named Emily.   Emily liked to  curl up and sleep in my wooden bowl.


We soon added Punky to our family. Punky was abandoned, half-starved and pregnant when she joined us.   Sadly, Punky’s kittens didn’t live, but we got her healthy and she thrived.  Rudy is in the foreground of this picture and there is Punky doing a little cat cha-cha-cha behind him.  


Not too long after Punky joined us, I found Africa abandoned outside the local library.   She was a tiny black ball of fluff with a big mouth, but we welcomed her to the cat house where she grew up sleek and beautiful.  Here Africa is posing with some pink tulips. 


Africa is the sole remaining cat in the cat house, but she and Jasper, the miniature Dachshund, are great pals.  They curl up together to sleep and Africa frequently washes Jasper’s face.   This concludes my little cat house history.  Hope you enjoyed the tail 🙂


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That is more than nine lives!!!

I am a big cat fanatic – and I always have told my husband that if he hadn’t married me I would have ended up as the crazy old cat lady in the neighborhood. (of course, this could still come true)

Comment by Karmyn R

Life is very empty without cats. Oh, did you get my mailing address and cat box that I sent you? When can I expect Africa to arrive?

Comment by willowtree

I’m with Karmyn … I would be a cat collector

you should have the cat song from the CD you sent me to play with this post.

I love it — It made Curlymop and Buttercup giggle with big eyes.

Comment by Pamela

When I first started reading I was like, Whoa, that’s a lot of cats. But as I continued on I read that Africa is the only one inside….she’s the one I always hear you talk about. She is beautiful! Do you have any pics of her and Jasper together? Her washing his face would be a cute one.

Comment by Suzy_q

Very nice story. Unfortunately, this is close as I can get to a cat without sneezing and wheezing.

Comment by Betty

I like cats, but I even like them better if they are someone else’s. Since my daughter married and took her cat Piddies with her, this is the first time in around 15 years that I have been catless. And it’s ok. I have a Springer named Cali that is enough of a handful. I guess I am really a dog person at heart. Your cats are beautiful.

Comment by gawilli

Seriously, I think my MIL *is* the crazy old cat lady!

That said, I don’t think I could really consider a place a home without a cat or two curled up on my lap….

Comment by Susan

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