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Changing the Rules
May 9, 2007, 10:26 pm
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I’ve been tagged by My View From the Left Coast to list seven random things about myself. I decided to change the rules a bit and list seven things growing and/or blooming in my gardens. In fact, I may list more than seven things.


The rear half of my big garden. More accurately, it is the rear third of the big garden. See the little bird house on the left?  There is a family of chickadees growing in it.  Below the bird house you can barely see some gold star blooming.  Gold star is a ground cover that has tiny daisy-like flowers.  Also visible are some metal sunflowers and other garden “art”.  Susan look closely.  You might get some ideas for your welding class!


The bright pink flowers are lychnis (pronounced “like-ness”). They are blooming a bit early this year, but they will keep showing off throughout the summer months. In ancient times, these flowers were used for garlands and crowns.  The blue salvia is also an early bloomer.   We’ve had lots of rain for a change this year and the temps have been on the warm side so the late May bloomers are busting out all over in early May.


Also making a surprise early appearance are the blanket flowers (gaillardia). You may notice the shards of broken terra cotta pots on the ground. I read somewhere that these broken pieces of clay in the garden provide homes for garden-friendly bugs, spiders and frogs.


Beautiful Siberian iris with more garden “art”.   This is the center part of the big garden where I have my taller plants.   I use the old porch rails for staking the taller stuff.   I moved the round wood holder to the back part of my garden.  You may have noticed it in its new location in the first picture of this post.  There is part of an old iron bed leaning against my fence in the far background. 


The Siberian iris is so beautiful.  I’ll share some of these with Tiggerlane when she gets her new yard in order, but she has to promise to take real good care of them. 


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we called the blanket flowers “goblins”

Like your metal decor. We saw some last year we wanted to purchase but the cost was tooo much.

Comment by Pamela

Those iris are too cute! I love them. I have some Dutch Iris – they look similar, but he leaves are a bit different.

Comment by Karmyn R

I love your big big yard and all the flowers….sigh

Comment by claudia

I love the way you changed it — that was a nice jaunt through your garden! And your iris are gorgeous! My mil gave me bulbs for a dark burgundy iris, but they haven’t come up, maybe next year (unless I killed them).
thx for sharing.

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

So pretty. I admit it… I am jealous of your garden!

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

what a nice garden and it looks so big 🙂

Comment by Tonya

[…] because this picture just doesn’t capture the absolute beauty of all these flowers. I did a post in early May with a picture of the southern most third of my garden and you should check it out to […]

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Thanks for the flashback! I love the present garden as well as the past — what a blessing to have multiple seasons of wonderous blooms!

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

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