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“Once upon a midnight dreary….”
April 30, 2007, 9:43 pm
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Last Saturday was a perfect spring day in this part of Arkansas. The sky was a vivid blue with an occasional puffy, white cloud floating by. The temperature climbed to the low 80’s as the afternoon wore on. I spent the morning watching my nieces play soccer then came home and opened my front and back doors to let the sweet smelling air drift through my house.  Next,  I hit the yard and gardens for some heavy duty outdoorsy work. Pure bliss!! I didn’t come inside until dusk.

Around midnight, I was in bed reading a good book when a large moth came flying into the room.  It was the biggest brown moth I had ever seen.  I decided I had better get up to catch the critter and put it outside.  I didn’t want it flying around and scaring me to death while I was sleeping.  I put my book down, sat up on the side of the bed and the moth decided to fly right into my face.  It wasn’t a moth.  It was a bat.  A BAT IN MY BEDROOM. 


At that point in time, I began moving pretty fast.  I ran to the kitchen for a broom.  How else does one defend oneself from a bat?  I opened the front  door then paused in my living room as I watched the bat glide silently down the hall into my home office, then into the bathroom, then back into the bedroom.  The bat was so graceful in flight and so quiet.  Yes, even in frightful peril, I pause to observe the wonder and beauty of nature.  However, when the bat flew to the living room in my face again, I began to think Dracula thoughts. 


After observing my face up close and personal for a few seconds, the bat calmly flew out the door and onto my screened porch.   It took me awhile to get it off my porch.  It kept stopping to hang on the screen every few minutes.  It finally flew through the screen door I had propped open and went off into the night to resume its batty life. 

I’m pretty sure the bat entered my home through the back door.  At some point after dark, I turned the back porch light on and took out garbage and recycling.  It must have flown in then.  I don’t know how it managed to stay unobserved until I went to bed.  Maybe it was hanging in a corner.  Creepy!! 

Sunday night I was working at my computer when I heard a tap, tap, tapping at the back door screen.  I promise this is true…..it was the BAT.


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Oh there is NOTHING like having a bat fly by your face! I recall screaming and waking the neighbors when I came face to face with such an intruder nearly 20 years ago. I agree, most come in the door without us realizing. May your bats stay outside in the future!!! EEEK!!!!

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

did you go batty?

The hubby tells story of when he was a kid and woke up with one on his pillow.
I like to walk up the creek at night – where there are some lights on the bridge and watch the bats.
they really are a wonder — and they eat many insects.
Sorry you had the scare.

Comment by Pamela

I can’t remember who it was, but somebody wrote just a few days ago about staying somewhere where there were a lot of bats( wow did you see that? four words in a row that end in ‘ere’), and they were petrified one would come in. You handled it pretty well.

Comment by Willowtree

Oh gross! Remind me to tell you tomorrow of my bat story from college! yuck, yuck, yuck!

Comment by Suzy_q

Oh man that would have totally freaked me out! I would have issues for awhile after that, especially if it touched any part of me nevermind the face!!!

Looks like it made a friend out of you though since it came tapping back 😉 lol

Comment by Tonya

I think I would have screamed when it flew at me. Other than that..I think it likes you!

Comment by claudia

EEEEK! I know they are good insect eaters, but I just can’t help freaking out – worried they might get stuck in my hair.

and it came back? Yikes – you’d better get the garlic out, just in case! ha ha

Comment by Karmyn R

When I was a kid we used to make loud clanging noises at dusk in the front yard under the big oak trees. We banged empty cans with all sorts of utenils. The bats would swoop down low toward the sound and then back up into the air. We thought it was pretty cool. That was then. Most recently I had one stuck between the screen and the window and he didn’t want to leave. What a mess trying to get him out. My mom always said they were good because they ate mosquitos. If they just weren’t so creepy looking…

Comment by gawilli

Ouch, I’d have had such a fright! But yes, you handled it pretty well… they actually are ‘sort of’ cute when seen up close -though I’d never let any of them get ANYWHERE near my face! *shiver*
Funny it came back: did you notice anything missing from your pantry? 😉
(Nice blog by the way!)

Comment by martadc

whoa! I remember the excitement one night when I was about 8 & the neighbor started screaming about the bat & it was a party after that!
When I was in college, our classes were in an old Victorian college building, it wasn’t unusual to find bats in the corners — we weren’t beyond defending ourselves with brooms & tennis racquets.
They really are magnificent creations, once you get past the ewww factor.

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

Ahhh…I think he’s kinda cute. I’m glad you got to see the wonder of him. How fun that he liked you so much that he came back to visit!

Comment by Susan

Reason #468 that I could NEVER live in the rural countryside.

Maybe you need to build a bat-house? I know someone who builds them…just in case!

Comment by Tiggerlane

OK, but I have to ask, is that your hand in the picture with that bat or did you find bat pictures somewhere else?

I actually kind of like how some of them look. I think they are intriguing. I’m not so keen to meet the kind that drink animal blood though.

Comment by Angelina

Oh.My.Heck! We went to some caves one time and a bunch of bats came flying out at us. It was a bit unnerving.

Oh, and Tiggerlane IS moving to the countryside. Or it looks like it is out in the country.

I used to want a bat house, but now that I think about it that might be inviting them in. 🙂

Comment by Julie

“Quoth the bat: ‘NEVERMORE’!!”

Well done!!

Comment by Stephanie

And he came back for another visit. Sounds like something from Edgar Allen Poe.
Mama Bear

Comment by samibear

Last night the SECOND bat of the week came into my bedroom. Instead of rewriting my story you can just read it on my blog


Comment by chvnx

ewwww. i just posted a ? to Yahoo Answers about bats. a bat just dive bombed me outside, on the front steps. but will they actually fly into the light. i had on the porch light so i just figured a bat wouldn’t come into the light. when i was younger, in the 70s (yes, i am old), i was sleeping and i heard a fluttering around my head. quick, i covered my head with the blankets and woke my husband, told him there was a bird flying around my head. he got up, chased the “bird” into the bathroom where he discovered it was a bat. he threw a towel over it and beat it with his shoe. at what point he picked up his shoe, i have no clue. it wasn’t until about a year later he finally told me it was a bat. it had gotten in by falling down the chimnney and then flew up from the basement. now, i live in the woods and it’s always some creepy thing. i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by stuckinwoods

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