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April 24, 2007, 10:43 am
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Mom and I were having a conversation about what happened at Virginia Tech. I mentioned having read “Nineteen Minutes” and described some of the events in the book. At some point, I made the statement that I had never been bullied, treated like an outcast or shunned by my peers. I honestly can’t remember anything like that happening to me as a child or as a teenager. Oh, there were definitely people who didn’t like me or who weren’t particularly nice to me, but I know that I gave as good as I got. And I never thought of childhood squabbles and teen-aged quarrels being anything other than normal in the grand scheme of things.

In the midst of my pontificating, Mom quietly said, “I was bullied when I first started school. I was picked on and some of the kids made fun of me.” What?!! I had never before heard anything like this from Mom. She went on to explain that a lot of her clothes were made from feed and flour sacks. Let me insert here that these sacks were made of cotton  material. My mom started school when she was 5 years old which would have been in 1944. She was the youngest of 8 children and her parents lived through the Depression. Everything was saved and used as much and in as many ways as possible. So Mom had dresses made from inexpensive cotton material. Her mother also had this thing about putting big bows in Mom’s hair. And Mom said she didn’t have really good, new shoes very often. Plus Mom was painfully shy and scared of just about everything when she was a little girl. Mom went on to say that the bullying didn’t last too long. There were too many other children who wore flour sack clothes and didn’t have new shoes. And Mom had a big brother with a temper who didn’t mind putting people who picked on his little sister in their place. Mom also quickly learned to stand up for herself. Her shyness and fear pretty much evaporated in the close-knit society of elementary school.


But, I ask you, how could anyone make fun of this precious little girl?  Look at those little legs, knobby knees and bare feet.  And look at that dainty collar on the flour sack dress.    


Look at the work my granny put into this dress. The lace on the collar, the fancy buttons.   And that precious face.  I love that face more than any other in the world. 

I tell you…..I got all heated up listening to my momma talk about being bullied.  I was ready to “whup up” on some folks.  I don’t care if they are almost 70 now, they were messing with my momma!!


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Your mother was a beautiful child, so I’m sure she’s a lovely lady today.
I’d go whup on some people, if I were you, too.

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

I think they were just jealous because she was a beauty and had pretty dresses 😉 She looks very sweet.

Comment by momto3cubs

That is NOT what I pictured as a flour-sack dress. The lace and buttons sure hide that fact.

My grandmother wore them too – and were so poor that all she had to eat for lunch was a potato, if she was lucky.

Comment by Karmyn R

I don’t blame you for getting angry… I would hate to think of someone I love being bullied!

Right now I am listening to Libera, ‘voice of an angel’. Thank you very much for the tip!!! It makes the world a more beautiful place!!!

Comment by Devon

Isn’t it amazing how one of the things your mom was made fun of for wearing is now such a fashionable trend? Flour sack prints are everywhere.

She looks adorable!

Comment by Angelina

What cool photos. And knowing your mom, I have a hard time picturing her as shy.

She looks just like your nieces!

Comment by Tiggerlane

ME2. The whooping part!!!

I heard alot about flower sack undies — etc. from my mom.

Comment by Pamela

what a sweet sweet face. There was a lot of work and love put into that dress.

I’ll help you beat up the old and feeble. I think we can take them.

I like your new look.

Comment by Vicki

Your granny had a wonderful talent at making something beautiful–both the dress and your mama!

If you guys need help I’ll jump in and try not to get hurt!

Comment by Susan

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