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April 14, 2007, 11:12 pm
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Each spring I round up my Senior choir students and herd them off to a photo shoot for the picture that will hang on the choir room wall.  It’s a tradition I began the first year I taught at this school.  My Senior choir members are captured in an 8×10 black and white shot; matted in white with a cut-out and insert that says “Bearcat Chorus Seniors 2007”;  and framed in black.  This years’ picture will be the fifth one hanging on the wall. 


I had the kids pose on the auditorium stage with the baby grand this year. In years past, pictures were taken in the choir room, on the cafeteria patio, and on the elementary playground.  Part of the tradition is that I choose the shot that will hang on the wall.  I tell the kids that I choose the picture because I will be the one looking at it for years to come.  


I really liked this shot.  The reflections on the piano top are neat even though the piano is rather beat up around the edges.  


The photographer insisted on taking a picture of me with the Seniors.   I love the picture, but I won’t choose it for the wall.  I think the “tradition” picture should just be the kids.  I do think I will continue posing for a shot with my Seniors every year though.  It makes a nice keepsake for us all.


This is the shot I chose for the wall.  I can see all their beautiful faces so clearly and the photographer really captured their personalities in their smiles.  It is my absolute favorite shot of all the 30-something that were taken.  And that “ya hoo, I’m a senior” fist in the air is priceless!!!


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Holy Toledo! Seniors look so mature…has this always been the case? Or is it that I’m seeing them through a different lens now that I am so “mature” now.

(my maturity is a matter for serious debate!)

Comment by Angelina

This is so neat. . .My fav was the one with them leaning on the piano and their reflections. . .But, you know the kids personalities and I can understand your choice being number 1. . .

I like the one with you surrounded by your students too! ! ! You only posted a few, I can’t imagine how hard your decision must have been!

This is really a cool idea!

Comment by Shauna

Great pics & great memories!

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

Shauna–I loved the picture with the reflections on the piano, too, but when I enlarged it to 8×10 there is a terrible glare on the girls’ glasses on the left. It makes it look like she only has one eye. I guess I could get the developer to “fix” her eye, but I was afraid it would look fake. There are also some “buggy” eyes in that shot that show up a lot worse when it is enlarged.

Comment by Arkansas Songbird

Great pictures! And, what a nice tradition. You’ll have a lot of fun looking back at them in later years.

Comment by Betty

Ah, Songbird! And that is what it’s all about. It just doesn’t get any better, does it?

Comment by gawilli

you must cry at the end of every year.

Comment by Pamela

I loooooved the one of them leaning on the piano….LOVED IT. And of course, my second fav is the one with you in it.

However, the kids are all smiling really big in the one you chose. Matthew is a SENIOR now? I know I knew that – but I just can’t believe it! He’ll definitely be missed. What a bright spirit.

Is it me, or does KB just stand out like a star in each photo?

Comment by Tiggerlane

Your right. The piano one is great.

It made me smile to see your face. So that’s songbird! =)

Comment by Vicki

So – is the girl who is “shouting” the same one who missed out on the Beauty contest? Because she really stands out in those photos – has a lot of presence, doesn’t she?

My choir instructor did the same thing – but it was just a shot of the Ensemble every year (mainly seniors – but had to try out to be in it).

Comment by Karmyn R

That last one IS great. What a gorgeous group of young adults.

Comment by momto3cubs

Oh what a great tradition! I bet they love it too! Think about what it will be like when they come back to visit 10 years later to see their picture on the wall. I bet your class is a lot of fun to be in! Do you cry at the end of the year or do you click your heels at the start of a new summer of freedom?

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

Great pictures and that is a great tradition! I wish I would have started something like that. Is it too late now since it is my 6th year? 🙂 My favorite is the first photo…very classic!

Comment by Suzy_q

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