A Day In The Life

Study in Blue and Green
April 4, 2007, 8:21 pm
Filed under: Family, Nature

The play of light on myriad shades of green acted as a magnet for the camera lens.


Upward, always pulled upward by the brilliance of blue and green.


The most skilled perfumer could not hope to capture the clean, earthy scent of the air. The essence of rebirth, of all things new.


A glorious spring day. Perfect for a walk. But, as Jasper and I walked joyfully along in the sunshine, our hearts bore a shadow of sadness.  We were walking without Cherokee, our friend and loyal companion.  Cherokee died on March 11.  We miss her. 


Cherokee had the sweetest disposition of any dog I’ve ever met.   She always wore a doggie smile and I read love in her eyes.  Cherokee wagged her tail whenever I was near her.  It was the last thing she did as I said goodbye.  I know her spirit is soaring in the blue spring sky.  And I can see her tail wagging in the light as it dances on the leaves. 


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Looks like a lovely place to live around.

Comment by Vi

Oh Cherokee – I’m so sorry he’s gone. What a great day to remember him.

Comment by Karmyn R

My sincere condolences on the passing of Cherokee. Is this the first time you’ve mentioned it? I don’t recall seeing it anywhere.

Comment by Willowtree

oh…. sad….
losing friends … four legged best buds.

I miss my dog.

Comment by Pamela

I’m so sorry to hear about Cherokee.

Comment by Claudia

Last night I went walking, getting my ankle recovered after surgery last year. Feels good to get my lungs and heart working again.

It is my first week to sprint back home, I can do it now without falling down. I laid down on the back porch and was catching my breath looking up at the sky, the trees looked very much like these. I wished I had the energy to get my camera to take the picture. Thank you for doing it for me. =)

Comment by Vicki

Beautiful photos…I love Arkansas in the spring.

For some reason, your blog shows up GIANT on my computer, with the left sidebar and the middle running together – is it just me?

Gotta change your link in my sidebar, too!

Love ya!

Comment by Tiggerlane

UPDATE – your blog totally works on my office computer – just NOT on the one at home. GRR!

Comment by Tiggerlane

I smell spring when I look at your photos…. I’m sorry for your loss of Cherokee… It is a blessing to have such a companion….

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

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