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The Music of My Life (at the moment)
April 1, 2007, 6:45 pm
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Many of you have been posting seven tunes that you are really into at the moment and I’ve decided to consider myself tagged.  I generally choose what I listen to by artist and play the entire CD so I’ll list artist, CD and a song or two that I really like.

1.     Madeleine Peyroux     Half The Perfect World

Peyroux has an interesting husky, smokey-type voice that is perfect for her blues/jazz vocalizations.  I love her rendition of “La Javanaise” in French.  It brings on dreams of moving to Paris and singing in little night spots  where lovers hold hands in dark corners.

2.   Anita Baker     The Best of Anita Baker

Baker’s music empowers me.  I first discovered her when I was rising out of the ashes of an abusive marriage that crashed and burned.  I had finished my degree, landed an excellent managerial position and purchased my first car completely on my own.  When I listen to Anita sing,  I remember how joyful I felt driving across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel with my sunroof open moving forward out of the past.  My favorite Baker tunes are “Sweet Love”,  “Caught Up In The Rapture”,  and “You Bring Me Joy.”

3.   The Allman Brothers Band     A Decade of Hits 1969-1979

“Midnight Rider”, “Melissa”, “Jessica”……oh, man…..I love the Allman Brothers.  This album takes me back to high school cruising around with my friends and checking out cute guys.

4.   Nancy Wilson     Live at McCabes Guitar Shop  March 31

Nancy Wilson is one half of Heart for those of you familiar with that duo.  I love her acoustic version of “These Dreams”.  She also does some of the music that she wrote for the movie, Jerry MacGuire.

5.   Tonic     Lemon Parade

This is Tonic’s 1996 release.  Their music has a 70’s flavor lurking in the chords.  A very good rock band in my opinion.  “Open Up Your Eyes” gives me shivers and “If You Could Only See” and “Lemon Parade” are also favorites.

6.   Academy and Chorus of St. Martin-in-the-Fields with Sir Neville Mariner                               

Requiem  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful……it may be a mass for the dead, but the music is achingly beautiful.  The Lacrimosa touches my soul, brings tears to my eyes…haunting melody.  The Dies irae and Confutatis are powerful, too. 

7.   Rascal Flatts     Feels Like Today

I am not much of a country music fan, but I do find myself enjoying the music of Rascal Flatts.  The title song is very good.  My high school choir is performing it in their spring pops concert.   And I know it has been played out the wazoo, but I still love “Bless the Broken Road”. 


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I have three of the albums you listed, and would happily own another two. Two I have to research.

Comment by willowtree

I am heading to itunes now to listen….

I will be walking to your song list in the morning… thank you for sharing.

Comment by Vicki

One of these days I”m going to have to get me one of those thingamabobs so I can go to itunes and do all that fancy schmancy music in a gadget gidget.

In the meantime… I’d rather come sit in your concert and watch you at work.

Comment by Pamela

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