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Rest In Peace
March 24, 2007, 11:15 am
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Before I became a teacher, I worked in management for Toys R Us in Virgina and Maryland.   We management minions could not take vacations from October 1 through the end of February because Christmas, of course, was our busiest season.  We began setting up the stores for the holidays in October and immediately following the holiday crush we did store-wide inventories.  For all the years I worked in retail management, I took my vacation the weeks surrounding Easter.  It was the first “major” holiday of the year that I could spend with my family in Arkansas.   Since I had two to three weeks of vacation to play with, I always drove home.  I enjoyed the long drive and I made the most of it by traveling different routes and stopping whenever I saw something that interested me.  The last two years of my Toys R Us employment were spent in Roanoke, Virginia.  I made two trips home to Arkansas from Roanoke and during one of those journeys, I came across a beautiful, old cemetery.  I cannot remember what road I was on or what town I was near.  I do know that I was traveling in early Spring and that the cemetery was somewhere in Virginia.  I wrote “Virginia Cemetery ’89” on the back of the photos that I took.

Virginia Cemetery 2

I was intrigued by the ancient monuments and the towering cedars in the cemetery.  The day was rainy with a lingering fog.  The perfect atmosphere for exploring the final resting place for hundreds of people.  Most of the monuments were so aged I couldn’t read the inscriptions.  I remember the silence and the soft, feathery raindrops as I walked gently on hallowed ground. 


I did both shots in a sepia wash.   Which do you like better, the color or the sepia? 

Virginia Cemetery

Looks desolate and sort of creepy in the sepia, doesn’t it?  Almost like a still shot from a horror film.  The vision of young girl in period dress weeping at the grave of a slain Confederate soldier fades into the mist leaving only the sound of her tormented weeping……or maybe an unnaturally pale man in a black cape steps out from behind the tall monument on the hill……


Rest in peace……


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I adore cemetary pics…especially old ones like the one here. There is something almost palpable about being there, isn’t there??

Comment by Claudia

well, I left a lengthy comment, I guess it’s too long – I like the sepia best

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

the sepia reminded me of a couple of photos I have from the civil war era.

so why did you move ?

Comment by Pamela

I like your new blog! I finally got a chance to read it this morning at the Office Store. Have a good week!

Comment by Suzy_q

I really like the sepia… it does make them creepy and vintage looking at the same time. But I find in general that you lose a bit of definition in the photos when either taken in… or converted to sepia.

Wonderful composition on the first photo… hauntingly beautiful.

Comment by Jodi

I think the sepia works best .

Comment by Willowtree

Here I thought I would be the only one that liked the sepia one and here are a bunch of others just like me. YEAH! And I seem to be in great company. I love cemetaries. I don’t know why, but I also love to photograph them.

Nice photos! Oh, I also love the new digs! 🙂

Comment by Julie

I like the Sepia – it gives them that aged look. I think a lot of old cemeteries make great photo subjects. Both eerie and quiet, but beautiful.

Comment by Karmyn R

This reminds me of many of the cemeteries in Roanoke. A lot of them are situated on beautiful rolling hills with towering trees. This one reminds me a little of the Old Dominion Memorial Gardens which are situated off of Route 220 near Bonsack (right outside of Roanoke). I’m going to send this along to my brother-in-law (who used to live in Roanoke) and see if he can identify it.

Beautiful picture!

Comment by Susan in va

I have always loved cemetaries. The older the better. Spent a lot of time communing with the people in them through their headstones. I love the peace and quiet that usually pervades them.

Comment by Angelina

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