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Just a quick post tonight with a picture of my pr…
February 27, 2007, 4:03 am
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Just a quick post tonight with a picture of my pretty spring flowers. I took my middle school choir to contest last Friday. They did such a great job! They received three excellent ratings on their prepared music and they earned a superior in sight reading.

For those of you who are clueless about sight reading, it works like this. The choir and their director enter the sight reading room where a judge is waiting. A student assistant gives the director a piece of music to study while the same piece of music is being handed out to the students. The students must keep their copies of the music face down until the judge tells them they may look at it. The judge begins a timer when he tells the students they may look at their music. The students and their director now have three minutes to work the music (which they have never seen before). During the three minute period, the choir must learn the rhythm of the music, establish the key that the music is in and attempt to sing the music correctly without accompaniment. When the timer goes off, the choir can sing through the music once with piano accompaniment. The choir is then given one more minute to work through any problems and make any corrections necessary. All the work done during this one minute period is without accompaniment. When the timer goes off again, the pianist gives the starting note or chord only and the choir must sing the music a cappella for final adjudication. Needless to say, sight reading is not an easy task!

The next day I took two high school auditioned ensembles to contest. Both of the ensembles received three excellent ratings on their prepared music. The high school groups also earned excellent ratings in sight reading. All in all, it was a great weekend for my choral program.

I am leaving this Thursday to judge sight reading at another choral contest in Jonesboro which is almost six hours away from where I live. I will be judging Thursday afternoon and evening, all day Friday and all day Saturday.

In the meantime, I am doing research and polling for a report that I will eventually submit to my school administrators. I have to prepare lesson plans for my substitute on Thursday and Friday. I have list of about twenty-five other things that must be done before I leave early Thursday morning. So, I will not be posting or commenting for a while. I hope to catch up with blogging activities next week!


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Gorgeous daffodils!!! Mine are no where near blooming.

Sounds like you are one busy lady.

Comment by Karmyn

Congratulations to you and your students!
Have fun judging! Sounds like a lot of fun. . .
Beautiful pic!

Comment by Shauna

Love the picture.. and the previous ones. I am just trying to catch up a bit 🙂

Comment by Tonya

Beautiful garden! I just posted pics from my garden today!

When I was in High School, I remember band competitions and the sight reading was always so stressful!!!

Enjoy your trip!

Comment by Devon

I thought you just had a humongous snow and ice storm. Now daffodils??

So, sing us a little diddy.
post the sound byte

Comment by Pamela

Congratulations on your hard work with your students! See ya when you get back!

Comment by Claudia

Yay for you and the students!!!!

Love the daffodils — thanks for the glimpse of spring… we had freezing rain today….

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

Congrats to your students! Excellent work! Our choir is getting ready for competition the end of March, needless to say they’re getting excited.
I hope you find some time to rest when the busy rush passes, well, you know before the next busy rush begins!

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

Pretty pretty daffodils!

I would be so stressed out competing in that sight reading part. I almost panicked reading about it.

Bravo to your students for doing such an excellent job!

Have a good little trip.

Comment by Angelina

Are those flowers blooming now? How cool is that? It is just plain muddy here, but we are weeks away from anything that resembles spring! Hopefully we will see some dogwood and redbud in Nashville in a few weeks.

Comment by gawilli

beautiful flowers.I am watching snow fall out my window again.yuck.spring come soooooon!!!God bless.

Comment by Leann

Just checking on you… miss you posts and hope all is well. Hopefully you are enjoying SPRING!

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

Hi, Just checking in and hope you are doing well. I love your spring flowers. My tulips are about to open!

Comment by Devon

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