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Better Late Than Never The Very Nice Man hosted a …
February 1, 2007, 2:13 am
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Better Late Than Never

The Very Nice Man hosted a Monday post of childhood pictures and I signed up to participate. But, life just happens and I didn’t get my pictures posted on Monday…or Tuesday. So, here I am, finally, on Wednesday.

I’m three years old sitting on Granny’s sofa in my pajamas with my favorite teddy bear. Mom used this picture as a Christmas card. I can’t remember my bear’s name, but I do recall that he was blue and white.

Ten years old and posing at the piano in my Christmas recital dress. Love those shoes and socks!

Back to age three…almost four. Sitting in a row of Granny’s daffodils along her garden fence in my cowgirl outfit minus my boots. My hat and my shirt were red.

Fast forward to age fourteen. Taken with my boyfriend at a school Christmas party.

My formal senior picture pose at age seventeen.


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I can’t get over how much you looked like Madison and Hanah when you were a little girl!

Comment by Tiggerlane

OH – that sweet little cowgirl sitting with the daffodils. Too cute. and that first picture with your teddy bear – TOTALLY looks like you (from when you posted a pic of yourself a few months back.)

Comment by Karmyn

Aww, I love them! Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by momto3cubs

Aww, I love them! Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by momto3cubs

hey… cleavage in the portrait.. grin.

I agree with Karmyn about the one picture looking just like you now

Comment by Pamela

Beautious! I especially liked the little cowgirl with the background of flowers. The colors that day must have been dazzling!

Comment by gawilli

What adorable pictures! I just love your smile. I was thinking just what Karmyn said – even in the first picture I am amazed at how much that little face looks like you NOW (because I also saw the aforementioned picture). That sounds strange to say that you look so much like YOU, but YOU DO!

Comment by Susan in va

Okay, I love the first pic best. That is your smile alright. The second picture at the piano does not look like you in the least (in my opinion). I liked the school dance one too! 🙂

Comment by Suzy_q

Wow! Great pics!

I love the cowgirl photo, too!! …and while you may have posted late…I’m coming in to view all the pictures everyone posted even later!!

Thanks for posting them!

Comment by Peg

the pics are great 🙂

Comment by Tonya

Well done for posting these (even though they might have been late, teehee!!).
This was great fun, wasn’t it?!
Watch out for this Fun Monday!

Comment by The very nice man

I always love your pictures!

I think I had a bear something like that, or maybe it was at my gran’s house!

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

I love seeing all your photos.

But I think my favorite of all time is still the ones you posted of yourself with the “fro”. REmember those?

Comment by Angelina

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