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A Must Read? I just have to share this editorial f…
January 26, 2007, 4:16 am
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A Must Read?

I just have to share this editorial from my local newspaper.

“Women without husbands

All right, ladies, the gig is up. It’s time for all of us to get married, including you. I refer to The New York Times’ recent report. After sorting through the U.S. Census data, The Times determined that for the first time in American history the majority of women, 51 percent, are living without a husband.

The story tore through the media like a lightning bolt. A slew of ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ stories hit the airwaves. The storyline was clear: women are finally free and independent now, and the last thing they need is some sloppy spouse who leaves his socks lying all over the house.

Well, nuts to that. Look, ladies, deciding not to marry for your own well-being is one thing, but it is we you’re not marrying in the process. Your decision is killing single men–literally.

Single men partake in more risky behavior than married men. We eat badly, smoke more, and avoid doctors’ offices. We die younger. And we’re far more likely to wake up in a pile of crumpled newspapers still clutching the tequila bottle we began sipping from two days before.

The reason why is not complicated. We are social animals. Men and women are very different creatures, but we were made for each other. The Catholics call it complementarity–a man and woman, in union and harmony, round each other out.

Men need to be rounded out, too. Take dust. Because our brains take in less sensory detail than a woman’s, we don’t notice dust the way women do. Thus, married men tend to live in orderly, dust-free homes, whereas single men, says P.J. O’Rourke, clean up their place about once every girlfriend.

Though it’s not like single women are faring much better.

The Times article quoted independent women raving about their freedom and flexibility. a 32-year old woman had already lived with two boyfriends and said that if she ever did marry, she might opt to keep her own place. Another said she likes being able to sleep on either side of the bed.

Oh, just admit, ladies. You need us, too. Sleeping next to a burping, snoring lug of a husband may not be the stuff dreams are made of, but it sure beats sleeping alone. And when you hear a prowler rattling the door knob in the middle of the night, whom do you send to investigate? Your cat?

I know The Times is eager for a more progressive society to take hold–one in which the stodgy traditional marriage is kicked to the wayside–but the fact is marriage, imperfect though it is, is good for us.

Married people are happier, says the Pew Research Center. They enjoy life more–they enjoy sex more, too. Children raised by married couples fare better. Society fares better. Successful civilizations are built on the stability that traditional marriage brings.

But despite these simple and obvious truths, we keep trying to reinvent our nature. We keep trying to prove there are better ways to fulfill our simple needs–keep trying to leave every option open, so that we can be ‘free’ and ‘independent’ forever.

And we end up alone.

I can’t imagine what old folks homes will be like 40 years from now. There will be an unprecedented number of elderly single people living alone. No children or grandchildren will visit them–no spouse will care for them. I wonder if The Times will do a front-page piece on that trend, too.

All I know is that my life would certainly be better if I woke every morning in a full home in which my children are laughing and my wife is smiling, rather than the way I often wake now–with a throbbing noggin’ because my single friends and I over-enjoyed our freedom and independence at the pub the night before.

Like I said, it’s time for all of us to get married.”

Well, how about it all you single women out in blogland? Anyone want to put this guy out of his unmarried misery? I certainly won’t fight you to be first in line…or second….or third….come to think of it, I’ll just pass. I think he makes a very convincing argument for remaining single.

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I wondered if it was skewed.
because it said without husbands.
So many choose to live with out the bonds of matrimony….

I’m not believing that this is accurate.

Comment by Pamela

Yes, he makes the case for not marrying much stronger…While he mentions that statistically married men do live longer than single women, he doesn’t mention that statistically, single women live longer than married women!!! And dusting? He wants to get married so he can live in a clean house?? HA!! Get a maid!!
And the sleeping next to a burping, snoring husband is better than sleeping alone? Huh? My grandma used to say…better alone than in lousy company. She was a wise woman!

I could continue this rant…but really, I won’t! 🙂

Comment by Claudia

Great article. I don’t think I’d be in his line either.

Comment by Vicki

And my thought is: Who Cares? So what if there are 51% single women…how come there is never a statistic on how many single men there are? The only ones who really give a shit are those guys who can’t handle the fact that women may actually be happier single than married. sheesh.

Comment by Karmyn

I’ve married and I’ve been single, and single is better. After reading this article I say, I rest my case.

Comment by Betty

I agree with your last sentence.

Sounds like a typical guy–needing someone to take care of him.

I’ve been married nearly 13 years and have had my fill, LOL. Hanging in there for the kids’ sake. OK, DH does come in handy at times when I need something fixed.

I think we’d all be happier as lesbians 😉

Comment by momto3cubs



He’s got some nerve. I’m with Kila. I agree with your last sentence.


Comment by Susan in va

having been married 3 times and the last one to a man who hears voices I think Ill pass.I have finely desided there aint no such thing as the right man.or the “soul mate”its a load of crap.I been hurt to many times to fall for the crap again.I have so many pices of duck tape on my heart.I dont need it smashed and trappled on the floor again.I will do as it says in Isaiah 54.God is my husband when Im alone.and having Jesus as my hubby.who could ever take His place?He loves me the way I am.thinks Im beautiful,treats me with love and respect,doesnt treat me like a maid,or act like He got the wrong one.listons to me when I talk to him and answers my prayers.is there when i need him no matter what.helps me through the problems in life.He doesnt snore or hog the bed.He doesnt leave his socks or drity clothes around.He doesnt make me feel Im not good enough.He doesnt look at other woman drooling.He doesnt tell me I have to change with out helping me.and He changes me for the good.He doesnt sit and star at me when im tired and still have to cook.He helps me by giving me a hand so Im able to get done.or says lets go out to supper.now why on earth would I want a man when i can have the best one.if there was a man who is perfect for me I haven met him.the only one I ever met who is, is Jesus.so no thank you Ill stay single.and have the lord be my husband.I can save alot of heart ache that way.to those who have found good men you are blessed.but to those who havent stay single.its much better to be happy and alone.then unhappy and married.no one needs to live in fear or stress all their life.sorry so long but its a sore point with me.

Comment by Leann

Wow, what a tribute to being a single woman! I’ve been married 275 years !

Comment by Devon

I’ve been single and married twice. Both have had their strong points and both have sucked at one time or another. I do know I wouldn’t trade Willi for another. My job though is not to be someone else’s stability or wetnurse, nor do I require the same.

Comment by gawilli

Actually my cat could kick some burgler ass. I have permanent scars to prove it. (Not that I’m a burgler…but you get the picture.)

Comment by Jenny

I’m married…I tend to agree with Pamela.

Comment by swampwitch

Hmmm…who guarantees the wife will be smiling? Personally, I think it’s better for men to be married than women – better for THEIR health, but not necessarily for ours.

Hope you don’t mind me chiming in, seeing as I’m married and all.

BUT…if I ever become “unmarried,” you can bet I won’t be hunting another one down anytime soon. I might borrow one for sex every so often – but heck, they even make equipment for that.

Comment by Tiggerlane


If I were married I’d probably be locked up in prison serving a life sentance after killing my husband with his Sony Playstation.

I’m a free woman. Free of men and Sony Playstation’s. I’ve never been happier.

Dollars to donuts that dude has a Nintendo.

Comment by marnie

There’s no doubt that men and women need each other, but until I see population numbers actually drop low enough to relieve the earth’s trashing, I really think it’s fine for a hell of a lot of people to not hook up with each other.

I have been married for fourteen years and I love my husband, I’m very thankful to not be married to God, or a bad man, but if I find myself single ever again, I doubt very much I will marry again.

Which is funny because I am often super thankful to not be single.

Comment by Angelina

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