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The View From My Front DoorHere it is!! The view f…
January 22, 2007, 2:55 am
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The View From My Front Door

Here it is!! The view from my front door. Not the world’s greatest photography, but certainly not the worst either. The top picture is what I see when I stand in my house and open the front door. I have a screened porch that runs the entire length of my house so you are looking through screen, not a dirty window. Looks real green outside for January, huh? What you are seeing is pine, cedar and a lot of honeysuckle vine. The little willow gate in the center of the photo says “herbs” across the top. My porch is crammed full of collectibles. I have wind chimes hanging from the beams all across the front of the porch. That is a hickory tree on the right and you can see one of my three bird feeders outside on the left.

This is the view from the front door of my screened porch. There is the backside of my snowman banner, my storage shed, my very wet drive and lots more pine, cedar and honeysuckle vine out in the woods. I tried to get my dogs to pose out in the drive for you, but they said, “Are you crazy?!!! It’s raining and too cold!”


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Oh I love honeysuckle. I used to have some outside my kitchen window and loved it when the scent came in. I miss that.

Comment by tlawwife

Very pretty! I would love to have lots of trees around my house like that. I love honeysuckle too, nothing smells better… except chocolate!

I am sharing my view too:O)

Comment by Mert

for a second I thought your snowman banner was casper the friendly ghost… ha ha ha ha.

I want a screened in porch.
Im envious.

Comment by Pamela

Nice pictures but could have done with some dogs posing! Teehee!!

Comment by The very nice man

I also love honey suckle. What a lovely view you have.

Comment by Beccy

LOL…looks like you’ve had a lot of rain like we have in KY. Its a very nice view for you if I do say so myself…hope you had a great weekend Songbird!

Comment by AJ

Hi! I came here from Vicki’s. I am so in love with your screened porch. I remember that from my childhood summers visiting my grandparents. Great pics!

Comment by Melissa

Did you get a digital camera that you’re not telling me about? Or are these photos you had on hand?

If you got a digital camera, I want details!

Comment by Tiggerlane

I’m in love with your porch. I want to screen in the porch we have too. I could take my Sunday nap there nomatter how cold or hot. Beautiful trees

Comment by Vick

Looks nice–exactly like I would imagine for someone named “Songbird” πŸ™‚

~Kila at momto3cubs

Comment by Kila

What a beautiful scene! I love thick forests! Lucky you!!

Comment by Devon

I love the screened porch – how nice. And something tells me the birds just love your place!

Comment by Susan in va

I wish I had a screened porch.

Comment by Bethany

I LOVE that shed. My life would complete if I had a shed like that.

Comment by Willowtree

I love front porches…I always imagine sitting out there when it’s raining, protected from the weather but yet still able to be in it.

Comment by Claudia

Hmmm, my animals speak to me, too :).

I’m trying to remember where you are to have all that green…the snowman’s behind was good for a giggle, too. It’ll be MONTHS before I get to smell honeysuckle again (she says with a wistful sigh).

Your porch seems to “speak” much about you, and my favorite part is the willow gate, v e r y unusual. You’ll have to do a separate post about all your collectibles!

Comment by Robin

You have such a pretty place! Birddog and I have tried to grow honeysuckle to no avail. . . The screened in porch is so nice! Just to have a REAL porch would be something. . . πŸ™‚

Comment by Shauna

Oh, I can almost smell the honeysuckle. I.Love.Honeysuckle. I just finished off a nice big honeysuckle candle and I have to go get another one.

I love your screened porch. I have lived in one house with a screened porch (in AR). I was spoiled. When it rained I could still lounge out on the porch and read my books. πŸ™‚ That was a lifetime ago.

Love your view!

Comment by Julie

Lovely photos maybe next time you’ll get the dogs in there.

Comment by Rose

I love honeysuckle as well. Reminds me of my childhood.

Looks very, very cold. Must go get some coffee now.

Comment by Amy W

I promise I left a comment here earlier…saying something about how I love honeysuckle. Love the screened-in porch.

Comment by swampwitch

Lovely pictures how wonderful to have trees and space just a step away it looks very peaceful.

Comment by ChrisB

Great shots.. this is really interesting.. Vicki is great for doing this.

I would like to think that I won the prize for worst front door shot.. but I am willing to share the title. I think your shots were pretty great though.

Comment by marnie

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