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I’m Just Saying……Tonight the thermometer on m…
January 16, 2007, 3:07 am
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I’m Just Saying……

Tonight the thermometer on my screened-in porch reads just below 20 degrees, but for most of the winter we, in western Arkansas, have had spring-like temperatures. It was this cold for about four nights the first full week of December and that was it. Until tonight. In fact, it didn’t get above freezing all day today and that was a first for this winter season.

I’ve been looking at ice and snow pictures across the blogosphere and….there’s no other way to put it….I feel left out. Not that I want catastrophic weather events or anything like that, but I would like some real winter weather. I don’t want my daffodils to bloom in January, but if Old Man Winter doesn’t stick around this time, I will be posting flower pictures soon.

Anyway, I decided to post some pictures of The Ice Storm that hit this area in 2000-2001. I’d never seen anything like it when the storm arrived and, honestly, I don’t want to see anything like it again. I like cold weather. I love a good snow. The ice can stay in Antarctica.

This is my drive. I couldn’t go anywhere because there were trees completely across it. I couldn’t go anywhere anyway. All the roads were covered with ice! Eleven days with no electricity. I had gas for heating and cooking, but no water. I didn’t spend the entire eleven days in my house though. My sister lived in town and her electricity was restored before mine so I spent part of the time at her house.

Trees along the road bedecked with their ice jewels.

This is the road running west at the end of my drive. I live about 4 miles from the Oklahoma border. Doesn’t this shot make you feel a bit claustrophobic after looking at Vicki’s wide open spaces?


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Even though treacherous – sure looks absolutely beautiful!!!

The only picture of ice I could take is of my hummingbird feeder solution or the water that filled up in the sandbox when I forgot to put the lid on. (it’s solid ice). Our one dwindling little patch of snow is gone (and there wasn’t much there to start with)

Comment by Karmyn R

The pictures are beautiful. Just a shame so many trees get broken with the ice hanging on them. Glad you didn’t get hit with the ice this time around. . . 🙂

Comment by Shauna

Ohh but it’s beautiful! I’d come inside only long enough to warm up and then go back out again. Perfect picures waiting to be taken.

No Electricity? Ohh I’m so sorry. Did you play board games and cards?

Comment by Vicki

My photos aren’t so serene…I’ll have to see if I can dig some up from that time.

I about went ape-shit waiting for power to come back on! But I could do it again – if I KNEW I could have the power back in about 5 days.

Comment by Tiggerlane

I love snow and rain and I don’t even mind wind if I’m safe.
I hate fog and ice-storms (freezing rain).

When the ice starts falling out of the trees and off the roofs, then you start ducking your head and worrying.
Fog just makes me dreary.

Comment by Pamela

It looks so beautiful…mesmerizing…but man, I don’t want to be anywhere near it!

Comment by Claudia

It sounds nice to be isolated from the world for a while, but 11 days with out electricity would be a bit much!

I’m looking foreword to your flower pictures soon!

Comment by Devon

Even with the bad weather the pictures are amazing.. especially the tree’s all covered in ice!! beautiful

Comment by Tonya

I can deal with snow and wind any day. Ice scared me and makes me slide into expensive SUVs.

I’ll send the snow your way.

Comment by marnie

Wow! Beautiful.

Comment by Girl con Queso

Great pictures.

Comment by sarala

How did I miss these lovely wintery pictures?

I love a winter scene.

Comment by Angelina

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