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This morning I found a lunch charge envelope decor…
January 13, 2007, 3:38 am
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This morning I found a lunch charge envelope decorated with hearts in my high school mail box. In the envelope was the following letter:

“This is sloppy! My bad! Hello, Mrs. (my name),
I have decided to get my GED….it’s probably not the best thing, but this is what I need! I just wanted to inform you that it was your class; 1st hour choir that kept me going this long! Ya know just wanting to come to school so I could sing is kind of crazy! I know I can sing, but I’m just shy 😦 ! That’s what I love doing is singing, dancing and art stuff is pretty much me! I just wanted to say I loved your class and the people in it! I’ll miss you and the class! I (heart) you! (student name) !!”

I read this letter at least ten times throughout the day. How grateful and honored I am to know that my choir class touched this girl’s life in such a positive way. How saddened I am to lose her smiling face and beautiful voice. How frustrated I feel that a sixteen year old fell through the cracks of our educational system. How strongly I hope that this young lady will stick with her goal to obtain her GED. How fervently I pray that she will have the strength and determination to rise above the personal circumstances of her life and seek positive changes for her future.

Letting them go is so very, very hard.


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maybe she was hoping you would stop her???

ps. proud to know you ya special choir teacher!!!!

Comment by Pamela

How disappointing that she is quiting high school – so young. I hope she does get her GED!!

What a nice letter for you – not many students would write that! I know I never did – never told my favorite teachers they were my favorite. I should have.

Comment by Karmyn R

Amen to that.. Songbird you impact children’s lives every day, do you realize that?? I still remember being in choir with my middle school and high school teachers! Those were good memories, I’m sure you’re making good memories right now for your students! Keep up the good work!…LOL… PS Update on the interview on my blog! Thanks for the well wishes.. I really appreciated them!

Comment by AJ

It is sad to see some of these kids drop out of school with the plan of obtaining their GED. . .I too hope she follows through!

I subbed this week and heard some of the seniors in the class talking about a wedding. . .I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t say anything but really, really wanted to!

I’m with Pamela on maybe she was calling out to you to talk?

Comment by Shauna

How wonderful! That is so sweet! I know that you will keep this note forever.

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to know that you have made a positive difference in this young lady’s life?

Comment by Susan in va

How cool is that? Cool for you – yet I am sad that the young lady can’t seem to find a way to stay in high school. Of course, not knowing the whole situation – hard to make any judgment.

Good for you! Definitely save that forever!

Comment by Tiggerlane

I think she will be o.k. She has shown her compassion and kindness through her letter, this will go a long way to making her a success in life!

How wonderful to be told how much of a difference you make to those around you!

Comment by Devon

what a wonderful letter 🙂 It’s so nice when you get the ones that actually show they care!

Comment by Tonya

It must be gratifying to know that you had a positive impact on someone’s lif. I’ll bet she will go on and get her GED, because she’ll want to brag to you when she has finished.

Comment by Betty

Sad yes, perhaps this GED is a temporary path so that she can get to a better place in her life. Perhaps, she will come and see you in a few years to let you know that everything is fine. You have touched her life and heart. I am glad that she let you know.

I am visiting from Gawilli’s Back in the Day.

Comment by mjd

Oh but you are not letting this one go! You have made such an impression on her that she is taking some of you along with her and moving forward. High school is not for everyone, although we would like to think it is. We have an alternative school that provides another opportunity for these kids, but there are still those that need another avenue. I am witnessing one very special boy who quit school, received his GED and is currently attending a Jr. College in prep for a four-year program. The important thing is to never give up…us on them, or them on their future! That is a letter to frame!

Comment by gawilli

how heart breaking tht she is leaving school, hope she gets that GED…. like Pamela said — do you think this is her hoping you will ask her to stay in school? What a great compliment to you and your class that you are the reason she stayed this long. I hope to be a teacher like you when I finally am certified!!

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

I know you’ll treasure that note for years – I’m glad that you made a difference in her life. That she took the time to write to you, shows she will remember you for years to come.

My friend & I have a former student who still e-mails 2 or 3x a year, just to get a reminder that we remember her.

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

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