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I TriedI was so excited to have some time at home …
December 15, 2006, 2:32 am
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I Tried

I was so excited to have some time at home this evening to catch up on reading and commenting on blogs. Blogger, however, has other ideas. I have been reading, but I can’t comment as Songbird, as Anonymous, or as Other. Who knows? Maybe after I get this posted, I will suddenly be able to comment again. In the meantime, here is a picture of my senior high choir, The Bearcat Chorus, at our Christmas concert on December 5. Aren’t they a good looking group?! The ladies in red and the men in tuxes are also members of The Spotlight Singers and Sweet Harmony, my two auditioned ensembles.

The large wreath was part of the decorations for the second grade musical which was held the night before our concert. The wreath is made out of little second grader “hand prints”. They traced their hands on green paper, cut out the hand prints and their music teacher fashioned all those little prints into two lovely wreaths. The second grade music teacher has two children in the Bearcat Chorus and she also plays piano for the middle school choir and she played two pieces for the senior high groups. She is a busy woman this time of year, too!

This is me and one of my students. Her mother took the picture after the All Region Honors Choir concert several weeks ago. ( I had to show my front side since all you can see in the group shot above is my backside!! )


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My sis who is in her 60’s (and just lost her husband to cancer) joined a community choir and is having so much fun.
I would love to do that, too – because I can’t sing anymore.

It’s just squaking from lack of singing and acid reflux

Love your pictures.

Comment by Pamela

Did you switch to blogger beta? If so, you now have to sign in with your google account, using your email addy and password that you used to sign up for blogger.

A pain, but it’s the only way I can comment on others’ blogs now since switching. (I figured you switched, since you now have label-capabilities!)

Comment by Tiggerlane

I was having a terrible time commenting until I switched to Beta and did the whole signing in thing.

But what do the labels do? (maybe I should ask tiggerlane?)

Comment by Angelina

I think everyone is having trouble commenting lately. Your choir looks very spiffy.

Comment by Betty

the choir looks great 🙂 I would love to have seen the wreaths up close.. all those little handprints, what a great idea 🙂

Comment by Tonya

Great pictures!

Comment by Suzy_q

yup – the whole commenting thing sucks right now. I can’t even comment on Typepad. I think it barred me after I messed with Willowtree (left 11 comments in a row.)

Anyway – you look lovely. Singing in the choir at Christmas time will always be a fond memory for me.

I got to help the kindergarten kids do Feet Wreaths this year (painted their feet green)

Comment by Karmyn R

The wreath is such a cool idea! Very pretty too!

I remember singing in grade school and performing. . .

You have a very spiffy group! Bet they sound spiffy too!

Comment by Shauna

How wonderful! I love these pictures! What a sharp looking group of kids….and their beautiful teacher 😉

Comment by Susan in va

There is something so beautifully spiritual about a choir singing at christmas….love, love, love it!

So glad you are able to do this!

Comment by Devon

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