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The Season of SingingIt’s here! One of the busiest…
December 5, 2006, 1:55 am
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The Season of Singing

It’s here! One of the busiest times of the year for those of us in the entertainment business….oh, excuse me….I mean for those of us who teach choir and music in a public school. Who am I kidding?! It’s a busy time of year for all of us. Anyway, you may have noticed that my posts have been few and far between lately and they will more than likely be even fewer and farther between for the next two weeks. My high school/middle school concert is tomorrow night. My two senior high auditioned ensembles have two community performances Thursday night. I sing in my church choir and we have our final rehearsal Wednesday night for the cantata we will present Sunday morning. Next Monday is the elementary choir concert. Next Thursday is my fifth grade Christmas musical and next Friday I travel to Little Rock with my 40-member fifth grade choir to sing in the rotunda of our State Capitol. Then back home that evening with the senior high choir to sing the National Anthem at a basketball game. The following Monday I have two more performances with school groups for community organizations. So I have a few things to do, but it really is a lot of fun. Just a lot to stay on top of and a lot of behind the scenes planning and organization.

In weather news…..we didn’t get much snow last week in the part of Arkansas where I live. There wasn’t enough to run out and take pictures of, but I truly wanted to post snow pictures so here are a few from years past.

This is Jasper posing in his first big snow. You can barely see a bit of snow on his nose because the first thing he had to do was dig in it.

Cherokee at the end of the drive. We were heading out on the road for a walk. I am not sure what she is looking at so intently.

The river bridge about a half mile from my house. It was actually snowing when I took this picture. I love this old bridge. Isn’t it pretty all decorated with snow?!! For more pictures and some information about the bridge go here and here.

Last, but not least, my front yard. Those are bird feeders lined up on the left. They have red Christmas bows on them. The dead cedar tree is no longer in the middle of my yard. I thought it was a potential hazard to my roof so I had it cut.


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You almost make me WANT to have snow! We have it sticking here — not deep enough for great pictures though… Why can’t snow happen when it is warmer? I’ve become such a sissy!

Comment by Anonymous

It’s been cold – but the flurries just blow around.

Fog has been freezing on the trees. I may post that

Oh, when I was in high school I sang with several groups I loved it. I loved christmas caroling and christmas programs.

Comment by Anonymous

I love this time of year! All the Christmas songs. . .I listen to them all day. . .one of the radio stations is playing nothing but Christmas music.

Have fun with all your performances. . .You won’t be bored. . .:)

Comment by Anonymous

I agree with GRG…you almost make me want to have snow. Almost. I love the pictures. The little pup..Jasper…how cute…and the bigger one..Cherokee..at first I thought it was a pic of a wolf! Wow! I know you’ll be busy so here’s an early Christmas wish!!

Comment by Anonymous

Where is my snow? Why is it snowing there and not here? It’s 32 degrees and not a cloud in sight!!

You can tell all of these “Snowy picture posts” are starting to get to me 😦

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t envy you all the organization you have to do at this time of year – but I love being part of the musical performances! Looking forward to tonight.

I just hope that I’ll have time to decorate before Christmas Eve!

Comment by Tiggerlane

You know, when I was in high school band and choir, I never gave much thought to how busy my instructors were. Sheesh – now I know. You are one busy lady!!!! I do miss it, though. There is nothing like singing in a choir during the holiday seasons! – the union of voices still gives me shivers.

But not cold shivers like the pictures do. I wish I had snow.

Comment by Karmyn R

Holy cow!! Songbird…I was just going through some pics online, looking for inspiration for assignments and I found a picture that was close to your bridge one! I had to come back and make sure it wasn’t the same one!! that one was from National Geographic!!!

Comment by Anonymous

You are really going to be busy, but it sounds like fun. Love your snow pics.

Comment by Anonymous

saw your comment at susan in va’s — have a great concert!
I love your snow pics — I MISS snow. I’d pray for it, but we’d just get more fog.

Comment by LeftCoastOnlooker

It is absolutely beautiful where you are and the snow pictures are great! We are getting ready for a concert at our church that is called Christmas Guitars – smooth and latin jazz guitarists Bryan Lubeck, and Johannes Linstead. Pretty exciting stuff for us! Hey, have you heard the James Taylor Christmas CD? It is pretty good. Christmas busy is a good thing, but exhausting!

Comment by gawilli

Do your animals love romping in the snow as much as mine?

It’s always fun after the first big snowfall. Great pics!

Comment by marnie

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