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Every October Mom pulls Hank out of her shed and …
November 12, 2006, 1:37 am
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Every October Mom pulls Hank out of her shed and fluffs him up with some new hay, a new bandana and maybe some new clothes if he needs them. Hank has had the same hat for years. Mom sits Hank on a bale of hay, surrounds him with pumpkins and leaves him to greet anyone who passes by.

Every morning my mom eats breakfast on her front porch. If it is cold, she adds more layers of clothing and wraps herself in a blanket. Sometimes she builds a fire in her outdoor fire pit. On this particular morning, she took pictures of the last hay cutting in her little hay meadow. The sun was just peeking out over the hills behind her house to spotlight the gold tree at the edge of the meadow.

The sun rose higher and graced the ridge in the distance with its rays. It was a brisk, cool morning. See the cloud of mist on the far right? It marks the location of the pond. Later this same day, the hay was baled. Mom only got 80 bales with her last cutting, but it was the third cutting of the year. She hauled all 80 bales by herself. I was out of town on a trip with my choir kids and she just couldn’t wait for me to get back and help her. Did I mention that my mom is sixty-seven?!!


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Your mom kicks some serious butt!! I love the fact that your scarecrow/strawman has a name!

Comment by Anonymous


Can I come eat breakfast out there with your mom?

Comment by Anonymous

Your mom rocks! What a great way to start each day! To be active is to live long 🙂

Comment by Anonymous

You Mom sounds awesome! Lovely photos too.


Comment by Anonymous

She sounds like a woman who won’t be stopped!!! That is pretty great.

My kids are envious of Hank. We had one last year, but after a few weeks of rain I had to deposit the old Pumpkin head in the trash – clothes and all. Mold and mildew had taken a hold of him.

Comment by Karmyn R

Hank is awesome. I can’t wait to do something like that – maybe by next year!!!

Your mom rocks.

Comment by Tiggerlane

What a beautiful sight to start the day!

Hank is probably one of those guys that people look forward to like Santa Clause. . .

Comment by Anonymous


We need hay. We are so dry we’re lucky to get one cutting. It’s awful!

Comment by Vicki

“You go girl (Mom) ! What a great story…the pictures are awesome and I love Hank… I leave our scarecrow out for Christmas and put garland around his neck. This is a wonderful setting and I just sat here and visualized myself having breakfast. I can almost smell that freshly cut meadow.
Are you still having problems accessing my blog? If so, let me know at swampwitch06atgmaildotcom.
I don’t know what to tell you but at least we might be able to figure it out together.

Comment by swampwitch

What a gorgeous view!!! Your Mom baling hay kinda sounds like my Granny. She’s too impatient to wait for one of us to get there to help her so she’ll go and dig up a tree or something crazy like that…and she’s 84!!! LOL… BTW, kitty is holding up well…only he’s temporarily afraid of the tub right now. Wonder why! : )

Comment by Anonymous

Wow, if we could all be that way at that age (or even at my current age!)!

Comment by Kila

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