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Those of you who read my previous post saw the l…
October 24, 2006, 12:38 am
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Those of you who read my previous post saw the links to Homecoming 2006 at the school where I teach. I had to dig, but I finally found one of my homecoming pictures.

In 1974-75, I was a junior maid on the homecoming court. We didn’t have football at the small town school that I attended so our homecoming was generally held in early November and it was all about basketball. My mother made my dress and, believe it or not, the dress raised quite a few eyebrows. It was the only dress on the homecoming court that didn’t have sleeves. The homecoming ceremonies took place before the basketball games so that our escorts could wear their best polyester suits to parade us girls around the gym floor.

My escort was one of my dearest friends. He matured into a quite handsome man who currently wears his hair very short and wouldn’t be caught dead in a suit like he has on in this picture. I have his daughter in one of my music classes.

I was a senior maid at homecoming the next year, but I couldn’t find that picture. Always a maid, never the Queen.


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Not only the sleevelessness – but the FRINGE! You burlesque hottie, you!!!

Glad you clarified on the dude. He needed some props. Because he is looking TOTALLY Napolean Dynamite here.

Comment by Tiggerlane

I’m glad he got better….
he looked terribly uncomfortable

but you looked hot in your fringes…whooeeeee

Comment by Anonymous

If you were a junior in 1974 you were just a few years behind me – and you are right, that dress would have raised some eyebrows at my school also! I love it…you rebel, you! My mom and I made my dresses too. Good memories!

Comment by gawilli

I was 2 years old in 1974. After I got older I remember looking at pictures of my Mom in clothes like this and loving it.

You were such a fashion statement! Do you still push the line in fashion? What a cool Mom to make you a dress before it’s time. I hope my daughter can say that. I make her skirts every year for Church camp and the girls all want to know where she bought them.

Comment by Anonymous

I LOVE these pictures of you that you dig out of your stores!!!! My favorite is still the ones of you outside on the hill/mountain.

Does your mom read and enjoy your blog?

Comment by Angelina

Ooh la la!!! Love the black sexy fringe!!! I’m impressed with your mom’s sewing abiities.

Great picture and story!

Comment by Karmyn R

I love the “old” pictures. Quite the couple…Oh, those were the days, weren’t they?

Comment by Swampwitch

Did you set the fashion trend for the girls? LOL
Your mother – very talented! ! ! My mom can barely sew a button on. . .(sorry mom). . .

Comment by Anonymous

Aren’t you a cutie! And I’ve always said, don’t overlook the nerds – many of them grow up to be incredibly handsome (and have great jobs)! I’m related to a couple of them đŸ˜‰

Comment by Anonymous

That is such a great picture! And the fringes rock!

Comment by Anonymous

Oh wow, what a gorgeous red!! Gorgeous gown on a gorgeous gal!! LOL

Comment by Anonymous

That’s such a great photo!! As a graphic designer I have to comment on the “groovy” backdrop!!

And I am glad to know that your date grew into a handsome chap. With that look on his face and the way he has his hand on his stomach, he looks like he should be in one of those Rolaid commercials!

Comment by Jodi

Love your blog!!! Now for why women hate men. I thought most high school dances silly and not worth going to. I had saved some money to buy “Headers” for my ’67 Mustang fastback and didn’t want to see it all disappear in one night on a goofy outfit that made me look like I was from a MoTown band.
My girl friends mother explained the facts of life to me about the event, and I kissed my money good bye. I still have a picture of us together before the dance and her smile was SO big, you can hardly see her eyes. And that’s how I like to remember her, with those little eyes, smiling like crazy.

Comment by Whiterabbit2

No sleeves AND fringe? Naughty, naughty!

You look gorgeous, your date… looks a little stiff and slightly “deer in the headlights”. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


Comment by Anonymous

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