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I Couldn’t Wait!! I want to get some pretty fall …
October 11, 2006, 1:10 am
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I Couldn’t Wait!!

I want to get some pretty fall pictures posted, but the leaves aren’t turning fast enough for me. These pictures were taken last year in the Ouachita Mountains which surround the area where I live.

Mom always takes her binoculars when we go exploring. She was watching a hawk in the shot above and didn’t even realize that I had taken the picture.

This shot was taken at the same vista as above, but I am facing the opposite direction. The colors in the distance seem to lose some of their vibrancy in the scanning process.

This shot was taken at a different location than the two above. The colors scanned a bit better. You can see we have a lot of pine in Arkansas along with the hardwood.

This picture didn’t scan well at all, but you can still see some color in the foliage.


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Ahhh….I can’t wait for Fall in the Ouachitas!

Hope our lack of rain doesn’t spoil our leaf-viewing!!!

I’m still waiting for rain over here, you?

(BTW, everyone I talk to thinks I’m INSANE for going on this bus trip Saturday. But you know me!)

Comment by Tiggerlane

That’s beautiful!

I think I need to take my camera on a walk with me tomorrow…

Comment by marnie

Still gorgeous. Nothing is more beautiful than the colors of fall – well, maybe the colors of spring, oh and some cool snowfall shots – its all gorgeous.

Comment by Karmyn R

I love seeing miles and miles of pure land….so pretty…thank you.

Comment by C.

Beautiful pictures! My husband tells stories about the Ouachitas. Our trees are already on the way to being bare. It sure didn’t seem to last long – now it’s cold and windy. Raking weather!

Comment by gawilli

Isn’t this beautiful? I love it when the leaves change. This weekend we are going hiking, I hope the leaves are in prime picture posing mood!

Comment by Anonymous

One of the things I miss about living in SE Oklahoma is the Kiamichi Mountains and the colors that you have just shared. We always went on a foliage tour on the Talimena Drive, which I think is close to your neck of the woods.

Comment by Swampwitch

Beautiful photos! I yearn to experience autumn. In my part of the world, the four seasons are hot and hotter and rainy and rainier! :p

Comment by Anonymous

Isn’t it beautiful? Fall is my favorite season. Our colors have started coming out this week. I’ll have to see if I can hop on over to the Blue Ridge Parkway and take a few shots.

Comment by Anonymous

I love your pictures! Fall is my favorite time of year. I love watching the leaves change…..

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

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