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The Guardian Africa: "I think I’ll take a nap …
October 5, 2006, 3:28 am
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The Guardian

Africa: “I think I’ll take a nap on the porch. I don’t see that pesky pup. I’ll slip right through the doggie door and have a nice siesta in my favorite chair.

Jasper: “Ah ha!!! I was on the porch just waiting for you, you sneaky feline!”

Africa: “Aw, come on, buddy, friend, pal…..let me in, let me in…..”

Jasper: “It’s a doggie door. D.O.G.G.I.E. No cats allowed!”

Africa: “Oh, puhleeease….you are so a-mew-sing. I’ll just go to the back door and meow then I’ll get in the house and sleep on your blanket. B.L.A.N.K.E.T
Hmph! Does he think I can’t spell?”

Jasper: “Holey moley! Look at my tail. I shoulda put a splint on that thing! “

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You always want what you don’t have, and what I want is Africa. I’ve mentioned it before on several occassions but you don’t seem to be taking the hint.

So I’ll spell it out for you, Give me that cat now!!

Comment by Anonymous

I’m always putting words in the animals mouths, too. The hubby rolls his eyes.

tsk tsk to WT… as if he has room in his bed.

Comment by Pamela

You can’t give Africa to Willowtree. He doesn’t have a spare beanbag.

I love Jasper’s tail. It makes him special!

Comment by Tiggerlane

haha!! Classic!! That cat is purrrty!! I’m closer than Willowtree… 🙂

Comment by C.

I agree with Pamela – Willowtree doesn’t have room for Africa. . .

Comment by Anonymous

Love Africa! So sleek and fat – looks like a well cared for kitty. (another pick ’em up and give ’em a squeeze for me please)

Comment by Karmyn R

Dear Mr. Willowtree,

I am afraid of flying and a boat is entirely out of the question, therefore, I cannot come visit you in the Outback. I love Songbird and I can tolerate her dogs. And, since I am a very religious kitty, I must say thou should not covet thy “neighbors'” cat.

Sincerely, Africa

Comment by SongBird

C.U.T.E. They do look like buddies though!

Comment by gawilli

Too cute! I just came from WT’s site – he lost his Tigger yesterday. It reminded me of losing my sweet cat a few years ago. Now, I’m on your site, and see your picture of Africa who looks EXACTLY like my cat. She was black with gold eyes and had a small white circle of fur on her neck. Oh, how I miss her.

The dialogue was a nice touch 🙂

Comment by Anonymous

That was great! There seems to be a plethora of kitty posts today..

I’m surprised that a dog was able to hoodwink a cat.. that might have to go down in the record books.

Comment by Anonymous

Hilarious!!! I’m in the middle of studying and have been at it for hours – thanks for the funny break!

Comment by ElleCharlie

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