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Beauty Pageant Disappointment (Again) I have a stu…
September 17, 2006, 5:20 am
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Beauty Pageant Disappointment (Again)

I have a student that is exceptionally beautiful. In fact, I think she is stunning. Tonight I watched her in the county-wide beauty pageant and for the second year in a row, she didn’t even place. My mom went with me to both pageants and she is in complete agreement with me on how beautiful this girl is. (My student has many other wonderful qualities in addition to her physical beauty, but I’m ranting about a BEAUTY pageant so her physical attributes are the focus in this post.) The contestants do a swimsuit competition that takes place before the actual pageant and is not open to the public. They also do an interview with the judges that isn’t part of the public competition. What the public gets to see is the contestants modeling sportswear and then evening gowns. In the final portion of the pageant, each girl comes on stage one at a time and has to answer a question. Each girl is asked the same question.

All the girls are very pretty and they are all dressed to the nines and I am not trying to insult any of them. I actually had several students in the pageant tonight and I am proud of all of them. They are all beautiful in my eyes and I mean that sincerely. I just happen to think that MEBS (my exceptionally beautiful student) has that spark or charisma or whatever you want to call it, that makes her stand out from the rest of the contestants.

MEBS is 5′ 9″ tall. She has a beautifully proportioned figure and large blue eyes. Her hair is light brown. She is poised, graceful, confident and has a lovely smile. You can see her in last years’ before the prom pictures here and here. She is the girl wearing pink. In fact, the dress she is wearing is the same one she wore in last years’ pageant. And these pictures do not do her justice.

Mom and I have come to the conclusion that in order to win the pageant the contestant must, first and foremost, be blonde. Not having a curvaceous figure also seems to help. Wearing a pastel evening gown is a plus. But what really separated this year’s winner from the rest was the number of times “uh” and “umm” were used while answering the question on stage. I feel sort of bad about writing that last sentence, but it’s the truth! At any rate, I am disappointed that not one of my brown haired, curvy, brightly dressed choir students placed at all.

Post Script: I am not a beauty pageant fan. I especially dislike the little girl pageants. I think they are exploitative and I’m just not a fan. I AM A FAN OF MY STUDENTS and if they want to be in beauty pageants then I will be there to see them. Also, keep in mind that the beauty pageant in this post is in a small, rural Arkansas county. The top prize is a $250.00 scholarship. We all know that might purchase one college textbook! And MEBS has so much going for her. She knows that and so do I. So, I’ll just say it…..I’m a sore loser!!!


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“uh” “umm” and probably “like”, too.
She is beautiful and I hope she realizes not winning a beauty pageant is the end of the world. Disappointing, yes.
You might be surprised at what goes on with some pageant judging…politics, maybe?

Comment by Swampwitch

I’ve never been to a pageant. So, I don’t know what really is involved there. But, I do know that MEBS will probably succeed in other areas of life! If only “Barbies” place in the pagents – then obviously God or Fate has plans for MEBS that will show off her natural abilities far above those that a pageant will.

BTW – Your comment on my Big Game had me cracking up! Thanks!

Comment by Karmyn R

It’s kinda like my disappointment in the last two weeks about the cheer situation…remember your words of wisdom? The “best” don’t always make the top slots…

I heard the winners this morning…and though this is the second year I haven’t played piano for the pageant, I usually got to see the swimsuit and interview portions. I can tell you from past experience, I pretty much knew going into the night’s big public festivities who was going to win.

There is a “pageant-type,” and MEBS is so out of that league – in a GOOD way. She’s not shallow enough to win!!!

Comment by Tiggerlane

She is beautiful! I have to agree with the others. There is a lot of politics that goes with the pageants. My mom judged a few and she just got tired of having to deal with the politics so she stopped judging. Which is sad because she didn’t let the politics interfere with her votes. And she will do well in life and not have to be the shallow type.

Comment by Julie

I can totally understand your disappointment. I guess the good thing to think about in situations like these is that your lovely student will have about a million other opportunities to shine and probably in a more interesting and exciting arena.

Comment by Angelina

Have to agree, she is certainly very beautiful. She probably seems even more so to you because you know her true spirit.

I wasn’t going to say this but I can’t stop myself….Anybody would look good compared to those dudes in the cowboy hats! (sorry)

Comment by willowtree

I have the honor of being the auditor of a local pageant and I’ve been doing it for about 8 years. It is NOT a beauty contest. What I’ve noticed is that regardless of how smart and talented a young lady is, if she’s pretty and curvy, she has no chance.

Your student is absolutely stunning. Something tells me we’ll all know her name one day 🙂

Comment by Susan in va

Your student is beautiful! I would have picked her, just based on your opinion. Thanks for sharing. Beauty pagents suck. Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil is doing a few posts lately on kids beauty pagents which just make me wretch.

Comment by CPA Mom

Wow, she is gorgeous. What I wouldn’t give for a figure like that. I’m all for the curvy, brunette type. I might be biased though.
You sound like an amazing teacher. One who really adores her students. That’s so wonderful!
Tell her she would have had my vote. Oh, and I LOVE bright colors.

Comment by Silly Hily

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