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HonestlyI would not ordinarily spend over $6.00 on…
September 12, 2006, 3:04 am
Filed under: Matthew McConaughey

I would not ordinarily spend over $6.00 on a magazine purchase, but I stopped by the grocery store after church on Sunday and as I wheeled my buggy past the magazine rack, this cover really spoke to me.

I reverently (after all, I had just been in church) removed the magazine from the rack and just stared at that face for a few minutes. One of the store employees that I know paused as he passed me in the aisle.

“What in the world are you looking at?”

“Cowboys and Indians.”

“Yeah, right.”

He moved on shaking his head in disgust at the glazed look in my eyes.

Several hours after I got home, I managed to tear myself away from the 8-page Matthew McConaughey layout, with 4 full-page pictures I might add, to discover an article on Australia’s Great Outback Cattle Drive and an article on what to see and do when visiting Vancouver, British Columbia.

I felt ever so much better about my investment. Not only could I stare at pretty pictures for hours on end, I could also do a bit of research on some of my blogging buddies’ habitats.


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he is purty.

% )

(google-eyed smile)

Comment by Pamela

Oooooooo – awwwwwww. . .mmmmmm

Comment by Shauna

Several words come to mind…

Hot tamales!!!

Goodness he’s sexy in that pic. I’ve never seen that mag before, but I sure am glad you chose to share! I might even have to steal it from you so I can look at it anytime I want. Can you post his spread?? (giggle, giggle, I promise I only mean that in the nicest of ways).

Don’t think I’ve ever been here before, but I kinda feel like I “know” ya from friends in the blogosphere. Nice to finally pay a visit myself (thanks for visiting me, too).

Comment by Robin

Well, it IS better than calf nuts.

You really do miss out by not watching TV. Mr. M was VERY excitable during the OSU/Texas game…jumping up and down on the sidelines, flexing, showing off his muscle-clad arms and scruffy face.

And of course, every time I saw him, I thought of you.

Comment by Tiggerlane

There was a story about him a few years back – him running naked through his backyard and the police being called.

Well – I wouldn’t mind seeing him run naked through my backyard….no siree.

Comment by Karmyn R

Yeah sure, us guys read the articles too, but no-one ever believes us either.

Comment by willowtree

ooh…hello honey!! I can’t blame you one bit!! nope, not one bit!!

Comment by C.

Hubba hubba DROOL. He is man-perfection, if there is such a thing. Soooo easy on the eyes.

There were these pictures of him doing yoga on the beach.. they made me crumble.


… and I could definitely give you some Vancouver pointers if you decided to come for a look-see …

Comment by M J

HA! You want to know something kind of funny. On WTs comments you mentioned the article and I knew exactly which magazine you were talking about. Hmmmm! I too picked it up at the grocery store. Love, Love, LOVE the photos of him.

MJ stole my Hubba hubba, lol. I will say it anyway. HUBBA HUBBA!

Comment by Julie

I can’t believe you bought that magazine! I mean, I don’t blame you, but I did let out a large laugh when I saw that on your blog! You are funny!!

Comment by Suzy_q

Nobody will blame you if your eyes continue to lock on that photo…. just wipe the droom from your chin once in a while 🙂

Comment by Grim Reality Girl

Ok, ordinarily I am pretty unimpressed with Matthew McConaughey, but this picture of him is pretty handsome. I can see why you might seriously enjoy a nice long looky lou.

Comment by Angelina

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