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Second Grade Songbird: A Blogger In The Making M…
September 7, 2006, 3:26 am
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Second Grade Songbird: A Blogger In The Making

My mom saved all my report cards, school pictures and samples of my schoolwork from first grade through my senior year in a book she purchased through a PTA fund raiser. The book has a page for each grade level where my teachers’ names, favorite subjects, height, weight and extracurricular activities are listed. Each page has a pocket in which Mom placed all the memorabilia she collected. The following is a story I supposedly wrote in the second grade. I say supposedly because, knowing me, I might have “borrowed” all or parts of the story from a book I was reading. My mom, however, swears that I wrote it. This is exactly as written, punctuation, spelling and all the rest.

All the animals in the woods were asleep, except little Brown Squirrel, and he just could not go to sleep. It might have been the sun shining through the trees, but he just could not go to sleep. So he decided to go see if trueheart was asleep. Trueheart was the little Indian girl who lived in the wigwam on the hill. On his way through the woods, Brown Squirrel came upon White Pony. Where are you going asked White Pony. Oh, I’m going to see if Truehearts asleep said Brown Squirrel.

Please let me go said White Pony. Every day she come and brings me some sugar cane. I want to go too.

Well all right come along said little Brown Squirrel. So little Brown Squirrel from the wood deep deep and Little White Pony who could leap and leap went to the wigwaw to see if Trueheart was asleep. On their way to the wigwam they passed the cabbage heap. Bunny Rabbit jumped out. His two big ears stuck straight up. Where are you going he asked. Oh we’re going to the wigwam to see if Truehearts asleep. Please may I go too? She comes every day and picks nice, tender cabbage leaves for me. I want to go too, said Bunny Rabbit. Well all right come along said Brown Squirrel.

So little Brown Squirrel, from the woods deep deep, and little White Pony who could leap and leap and Bunny Rabbit from the cabbage heap, went to the wigwam to see if Truheart was asleep. When they got to the wigwam there was no one around just big Black Cat lying in the sunshine. What do you want he said very gruffy.

Oh, we’ve come to see if Truehearts asleep,” said little Brown Squirrel. “Do you know?” No, I don’t know, but I’ll go see,” said Black Cat. So creep, creep around the wigwam, and creep, creep inside, went Black Cat. And, sure enough, Trueheart was fast asleep on the rug with her cornhusk doll. So creep creep out of the wigwam and creep creep around the outside went Black Cat. Yes Truehearts asleep, he whispered.

My GRANDMA loves me very much, She tells me in many ways, And whenever we’re together We have such happy days!

The End

Nice poetic touch at the end, but I’m not sure how my grandma got into the story! I was probably thinking about her as I wrote because my Granny W. was a great storyteller.


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LOVE the story! Of course, the poet in you shines thru with all the deep, deep, leap, leap, stuff.

And the photo looks NOTHING like you. I can barely see a glimmer of you in there.

I need to get a scanner – my photos from that age are a riot!

Comment by Tiggerlane

What a great story – I find that most of my friends who love to write wrote stories at a young age – you were a budding talent!

I recently came across a story my big sis C wrote when we were kids. The story is written from the perspective of her favorite pen. The pen talks a lot about C’s evil little sis and the havoc she wreaks in the household. It was funny – I was a little troublemaker so the pen has a pretty accurate recollection 🙂

Comment by ElleCharlie

I am very impressed! You were one smart 2nd grader! And – oh boy, Tiggerland is right – that picture looks NOTHING like you as a baby in your grandma’s arms. hee hee

Comment by Karmyn R

Hmmmm, looks like I’ll have to be the arsehole here and agree with you that this seems a little too polished for a 2nd grader to have come up with.

btw Little Orphan Annie called and she wants her dress back.

Comment by willowtree

How nice that your story was saved for you to share with us…cute pic by the way.

Comment by Swampwitch

That’s cool that your mom kept stuff for you. . .I have tried to keep things for the boys but it sure is hard. . .especially now that they are older. . .

Guess we need to ask to see a current Songbird so that we can compare. . .

Comment by Shauna

I’ve just been catching up with your blog…lots of cool pictures (LOVE the snow one) and my favorite by far is this picture of you as a kid!! (The story is also very good)

I hope your brother is doing well too.

Comment by Angelina

clap, clap, clap, clap, clap

…. wonderful picture… wonderful story.

You’re correct. You were a prehistoric blogger ! ! ! !

Comment by Pamela

Ok, so I was totally like “NO WAY!” when I read you were 72 (lol); all I could think was “dirty old lady oogling Matthew Mc. in Cowboys & Indians” (more giggles). THANKFUL you clarified.

I just recently read a piece to my daughter that I had written in 3rd or 4th grade (no where as good as your early stuff), but you’ve given me an idea for future posts. You COULD see the drama queen in me even back then.

Comment by Robin

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