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Funny Friday Dedicated to Willowtree In admirati…
September 2, 2006, 2:58 am
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Funny Friday

Dedicated to Willowtree

In admiration of his recent tutorial

May thy right hand always know what thy left hand is doing.

And vice versa.


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LMAO. Very fitting 🙂

Comment by Debs

I expect to see this “cartoon” on Willow Tree’s GLOB with an excerpt from the story that “matches” it.

Comment by Swampwitch

a throne’s up, too. see that?

I understand that the original ‘henge’ was completed in a series of stages.

This ones only requires number 1 and number 2

Comment by Pamela

Hahahahah!! Dying over here. That was perfect.

Too funny.

Comment by M J

Now you’re just talking shit!

Hey I’ve been to Stonehenge and it was a real disappointment, it was much smaller than I expected.

Anyway guys, have a good laugh. But know this, I am now officially seeking revenge.

Comment by willowtree

chuckle chuckle snort snort

Comment by Karmyn R

How Funny! ! ! !

Comment by Shauna

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