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Blog Day 2006 I don’t anticipate having time to p…
August 31, 2006, 2:29 am
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Blog Day 2006

I don’t anticipate having time to post tomorrow so I am doing my Blog Day thing a bit early. Thanks to Karmyn at Dreaming What Ifs for sharing the Blog Day information.

The official Blog Day 2006 link: Blog Day 2006

Five blogs that I read pretty much every day and have been too lazy to add to my sidebar:

Go Fug Yourself I love this site! Just looking at the pictures makes me feel better about how I dress and about my own sense of style. A thin body and big bucks does not necessarily mean you always look fabulous.

Sometimes A Girl Needs A Blog ElleCharlie is extremely articulate and insightful. Some of her posts make me laugh and some make me cry. I thoroughly enjoy reading what she has to say.

The Big Question Sublime posts a new question every week day and asks for honest answers. Fun to read all the different opinions, likes and dislikes.

Ninja Poodles Belinda is a fellow Arkansan who writes about family issues, child rearing, coupon clipping, current events and a host of other topics. Always a good read.

The Dust Will Wait Pamela is another articulate and insightful writer. She posts lovely pictures and has an awesome water garden in her backyard. A must read!

I have several other blogs on my daily read list, but I am going to stop at five tonight. Someday I will get all my favorites listed in my sidebar. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy checking out the five that I listed.


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Whew! Thanks songbird, I was reading your post and realised I didn’t link to the Official site! oops.

Comment by willowtree

Ninja poodles cracked me up! Great posts. I will be back to some of them!

Comment by Karmyn R

Just went to Ninja Poodles, that must be the longest post I’ve ever seen! 12 pages, sheesh. 12 seconds is about my attention span. But she does write well and 59,000 visitors can’t be wrong.

I liked the one with the questions, that was fun.

Comment by willowtree

I love Go Fug Yourself! Love it! Ninja poodles – BWAHAHAHAHA!!! You have a good list!!!

Comment by Julie

Hi Songbird…I didn’t even know the was a GLOB Day…thanks to you, now I know…motivates me to work on the linking things…WillowTree is trying to “talk” me through it…will succeed someday…

Comment by Swampwitch

Hey, the end of the story is up! You just barely missed it with your last visit. Hope you enjoy it.

Comment by Julie

I finally gave up on my blogroll because it got ridiculously long. Now I just have a link to my Bloglines page, which is where my blogroll came from, anyway. Hopefully, with my redesign, I will have a drop-down menu with sub-categories for the blogroll, including “Arkansas Blogs.” So, if you know any good ones that I might be missing, send them my way!

Comment by Belinda

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