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Spaced Out I mentioned this in a comment on Dream…
August 30, 2006, 3:34 am
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Spaced Out

I mentioned this in a comment on Dreaming What Ifs, but it is so cute that I want to use it as a post tonight.

I teach third, fourth and fifth grade general music in addition to high school, middle school and elementary choir. I have seven fourth and fifth grade music classes and eight third grade music classes. Once per school year each grade level performs a musical for the rest of the student body and the general public. The third graders have the great honor and responsiblity of putting on the first musical of the year.

Wouldn’t you know that I chose “Spaced Out”, a musical about the planets, for the third graders to perform this year. It is a very cute show and each planet plus the sun and moon have speaking parts. There is also a song in which each planet does a little rap verse. “For what it’s worth (snap, snap), I’m the Earth (snap, snap)!” Catchy, huh? “Pluto’s the smallest, Pluto’s the smallest, Pluto’s the smallest, number nine!” Love that third grade music….

The recent decision to oust Pluto from its planet status has totally upset my third graders. We have had to discuss this horrible event in each of my third grade classes. Their comments and views have been a joy to hear. Yesterday we were reading through the speaking parts and a little hand went up.

Yes, B.,” I acknowledged the hand waver. “What would you like to share?”
Ms. T.,” the sorrowful little voice stated. “This may be Pluto’s last speaking part.


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ROFLMAO!!! He captured how I feel exactly!!

Comment by CPA Mom

I knew if I searched long enough, I would find a teacher…loved your story about Pluto.

Comment by Swampwitch

they can’t take our pluto away
who do those guys thing they are anyway.

and if they say a dwarf planet isn’t a real planet, then what does that say about dwarf humans?

can o worms I tell ya

Comment by Pamela

Awwwww! Cute!

I agree with Pamela!

Comment by Shauna

Loved it when you commented – Love it as a post! Pluto gets no respect, I tell you!!! Those 3rd graders have every right to be upset!

Comment by Karmyn R

This comment is totally unrelated to your post….

I’ve noticed your new profile picture and when I saw it, I immediately knew the baby was you because it looked like she was singing (songbird). Then I read your post regarding the picture change…..astute observation on my part, huh?

Comment by Susan in va

I am ROFL with cpa mom!! What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing. After a long day like I have had – you don’t even want to know – I needed a laugh!

Comment by Julie

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