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Summer at My Way A collection of antique wateri…
August 24, 2006, 2:58 am
Filed under: Nature, Seasons
Summer at My Way


A collection of antique watering cans on the front porch.

Bee balm in the herb garden.

Purple coneflower in the herb garden.


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Looks like you have quite the collection of water cans. Interesting. . .
The flowers are so pretty. . .Everyone is sharing pics of flowers. . .I need to get my camera going. . .
I just share pics of my boys. . .They are pretty (don’t tell them I said that) too! LOL

Comment by Shauna

I like the watering can pic too. I only have the green plastic variety – they wouldn’t make a very interesting photo 😦 But neither would my yard.

Beautiful flowers!

Comment by Susan in va

I just read your post on my blog – my mom (raised in TN) says “ha-wah-ya” for Hawaii too! How funny 🙂

Comment by Susan in va

Songbird – thanks for your suggestion with Bud. . .I had to come back and look at your flowers – they are calming.

Comment by Shauna

Nice flowers! I love the collection of watering cans. I thought about doing that once, but couldn’t find the ones I wanted. I was looking at antique stores because anything else just looked, I dunno – too new. 🙂

(My Grandad says Ha-wah-ya as well. But I think he does it just to tease me.)

Comment by Julie

I tried Bee Balm one year and it just bolted – and hardly bloomed at all

Comment by Pamela

Add me to the list of liking your water cans 🙂 Great pics.

Comment by Debs

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